SAIT library tuning in to CBC Curio

SAIT’s Reg Erhardt Library has upgraded its information bank by providing access to CBC Curio, an online streaming service that provides access to CBC audio and video content.

“We’ve always looked at CBC as one of our future products but we’ve not had a huge need for it (in the past),” said AnneMarie de Groot, audio-visual services co-ordinator at Reg Erhardt Library.

“This year we’re looking to expand the products that we have available to students and faculty to support courses.”

News reports, documentaries, and interviews are only a few of the content items that the CBC Curio can provide to students.

The product enables instructors to connect their lessons to current and historical events.

“We did have a request from a faculty member for Curio and the changes to the platform have made it possible for us to actually incorporate it into our group product,” said de Groot.

“After we tried it, we decided that it’s a good product for our institution.”

The product is beneficial for students because it offers access to more in-depth and accurate data for presentations and assignments.

De Groot brought the product in at the beginning of November and she’s working on getting promotional materials ready for it.

“We started with a soft launch and we’re working on doing a more informative launch in January because we tend not to launch products half-way through a semester,” she said.

“We try not to freak anybody out.”

Students can search for specific programs or keywords and the searches can be narrowed down to age group, format, or subject matter.

“People who try to find things will find material but it’s not the go-to resource yet,” said de Groot.

“Curio is incorporated into the discovery search on our website so the mark records are findable which mean when a person searches the items it will come up in a search result.”

With just the use of their mobile devices or a desktop computer, students and faculty gain access to high-quality Canadian content.

We try not to freak anybody out. –  AnneMarie de Groot

“It’s free and we’ve already looked at it to see if it’s a suitable resource for what we’re trying to do at this institution.”

She said instructors had asked her to match the material on CBC Curio to their own coursework and they wanted something visual.

“That’s always what I’ve done since I’ve been working here and I’ve been here for 23 years,” said de Groot.

“That’s how we started. We’re matching material to the need of faculty to teach their students.”

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