A new year means new opportunities for SAIT community

Students and staff alike are embracing the new year and all the opportunities that await.

With 2017 just around the corner, the SAIT community is gearing up to start fresh and take control of everyday struggles.

Malaika Brown-Rose, a former business student at SAIT, said her goal for the new year is to become more time efficient.

Like many working students, Brown-Rose found that managing time for schoolwork, part-time jobs, friends and family proved to be difficult.

“The first step I’m going to take to achieve this is to procrastinate less. I want to go back to school, but I need to discipline myself first and find something I can and will commit to,” she said.

“Instead of making excuses about when I’ll do them, I am just going to start jumping into as many opportunities as possible.”

Brown-Rose is taking the upcoming year and as an opportunity to take steps towards her career, but also to ensure she makes enough time for fun. She encourages all students to make this a priority.

“We all know how great it feels to know you’ve accomplished something, and this way, I’m taking care of my mental health and making sure I leave time for myself,” Brown-Rose said.

“It is easy to feel like you are not living a fun and worthwhile life when you are so focused and stressed about school or work, but as much as I want to make school as priority, I also want to manage my time enough to be able to do other things.”

Other students are taking time-management to the next level, as well.

With graduation coming up next year, they are looking for places to put their skills from post-secondary to use.

Harmanjit Singh, a third-year accounting major, will walk the stage next June, and has started to consider post-grad options.

“In the new year I hope to sell my first house as a realtor,” Singh said.

Singh obtained his real estate license while working on his accounting diploma and found his calling was in the housing market.

“It is not the best time for buying and selling, but the most we can do is market ourselves and be optimistic for future opportunities. I think I will succeed,” he said.

SAIT staff is also getting into the spirit of setting goals and using the new year as an opportunity for happiness and wellness.

Liz Garcia, a cashier at Denny’s on campus, is originally from Tonalá, Mexico and is planning to take the legal assistant program in September, 2017.

Garcia said she was grateful for 2016 and being able to come to Canada on a student visa, but is even more excited for the new year.

“The new year brings more opportunities to get to know my neighbors, be kinder to strangers and be part of the community,” Garcia said.

“I am excited for what is to come, but I am also nervous. Every year or month brings something different, and I have so many new things I have planned to try this year like starting school, living away from home, and putting trust in things I do not know.”

Garcia has yet to make her way out to the mountains. She also has never celebrated New Year’s Day in Canada and says a trip to Vancouver is also on her 2017 to-do list.

Most of the SAIT community’s goals for 2017 revolve around learning new skills and practicing old ones to help with future schooling and career opportunities.

However, for Nathan McNaughton, an auto-body technician apprentice, his biggest resolution is to travel.

“I am originally from British Columbia and have never gone farther than Toronto,” McNaughton said.

“I am currently looking into internships, volunteering opportunities or just backpacking this upcoming summer.”

Instead of making excuses about when I’ll do them, I am just going to start jumping into as many opportunities as possible. – Malaika Brown-Rose

McNaughton is making it a personal goal to save up money to travel and experience the world.

He feels the knowledge he could get abroad would be just as beneficial as school.

However, McNaughton has also said another of his resolutions is to make more time for his family.

“I love SAIT and I love living in residence, but I know I need to make more time visit my family and keep in touch with them,” he said.

“It is easy to get caught up in school and friends while on campus, but it’s easy to become homesick too. I want to find a better balance to that, especially before I leave to travel.”

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