SAIT Snow Dogs ready to get out and shred

A few SAIT students have taken it upon themselves to make ski passes, rentals and food more affordable for students and alumni this winter.

Justin Finstad, Benjamin Lavaille, Brandon Tetz and Karter Collopy have officially founded the SAIT Snow Dogs, a ski and snowboard club, after working since November to become a recognized group with SAITSA and acquiring sponsors throughout the community.

“We’ve seen how many people were interested in getting out to the mountains, so we wanted to create a ski and snowboard club to provide students a chance to collaborate and to shred the slopes together in an organized fashion,” Lavaille said.

The group is fairly new but has garnered a lot of support through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

“To have a place where you can go on organized trips and find new people to shred with would be the best part for me,” said Deon Sweluk, an avid skier and a radio, television and broadcast student at SAIT.

Sweluk goes skiing at least once a week and found the group on Facebook.

“It’s nice to see that it’s not just going to be groups of friends taking advantage of discounts, but people who want to meet new people and get out for a few good runs.”

Sweluk said he is hoping to see trips to places in British Columbia like Panorama and Kicking Horse, as well as Sunshine and Lake Louise.

One of the students’ main priorities when creating the club was to have group trips and a good atmosphere.

“Our goal was to create a space where you can meet people who love to do the same things and make some connections that will hopefully last,” Lavaille said.

They are planning trips to different ski resorts for the 2017 winter semester but hope to also get a car pool system going every weekend.

Lavaille said they have secured several sponsors, including The Pint and Sports Rent, and are in contact with other businesses as well.

Each sponsor will provide some sort of discount for food, lift tickets and/or ski and snowboard rentals.

Our goal was to create a space where you can meet people who love to do the same things and make some connections that will hopefully last. – Benjamin Lavaille

The SAIT Snow Dogs can be contacted through their Facebook page, SAIT Snow Dogs.

Membership cards are $10 each and are available to all SAIT students and alumni.

SAITSA also sells discounted lift tickets to five different ski resorts, including Sunshine and Lake Louise, which are available in the SAITSA resource centre.

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