Some cool with pets in res, others would rather keep them out

Leaving a pet behind while going to school in another city can be hard, especially because animals are not allowed in school residences.

The reasons pets are not allowed in residences is because they can be loud, involve a lot of work and can affect other students’ allergies.

However, for some students, pets are a way to cope with the stress of school and living away from their families.

“I personally wouldn’t mind if people had cats because they’re clean,” said accounting student Maisy Johnston.

Johnston has been living in the residence tower since September and says she finds most of the noise comes from other students.

“They like to have parties, so I don’t see the problem with a small animal,” said Johnston.

She also thinks that if the buildings had a separate area for people with pets, it would help with allergies and noise levels.

“They could have specific rooms, like in apartment buildings,” said Johnston.

Marketing student Josh Matthews says he would not be happy if residences started allowing pets.

“[Pets] are loud and dogs make big messes,” said Matthews.

“How would these people be responsible?”

Matthews has been living in residence for almost two years and prefers the existing rules, which ban all animals.

“Those rules are in place for a reason, and it’s not that bad living away from your dog for a year.

“Personally, if we started letting people bring their pets with them, it would get out of control very fast,” said Matthews.

Johnston, on the other hand, has a cat at home and would appreciate the option of bringing her pet with her.

“I know some people find it easier to concentrate without any animals, and I get that, but what about the people who need their pet for comfort,” said Johnston.

“I miss my cat because she helps a lot whenever school stresses me out.

“But unfortunately, home for me is in B.C.”


<strong>Man’s best friend?</strong> Students walk by Begin Tower Hall on SAIT campus in Calgary on January 18, 2017. Students currently living in residence are not allowed to bring pets to live with them, but some students disagree with this policy. (Photo by Brianna Brost/The Press)
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