Is your teacher great? Why not give them an award?

SAITSA prides itself on supporting learning, so it should come as no surprise that the Student and Instructor Excellence Awards is designed for that purpose.

The board of SAITSA has been encouraging students to nominate their admirable instructors since 2005, but the student awards have been going on since has early as 2001.

“We at SAITSA believe outstanding students and instructors should be rewarded for their dedication and hard work at SAIT, which is why we honour their commitment at the annual SAITSA Awards Banquet each spring,” says the SAITSA Awards Program webpage.

The award is also to recognize the instructors and students who show dedication to their tasks on a daily basis.

For the Instructor Excellence Awards, students are encouraged to write a short nomination statement of 500 words or less, explaining why their favourite instructor or student should win.

Winning instructors in each faculty will each receive an engraved award, along with recognition in an ad placed in city newspapers.

Students winning one of the prizes available can win cash awards.

The D.C. Fleming Award is valued at $1,250, while the Caregiver Award can bring the winner a prize of $500.

For information on how to nominate someone check out SAITSA’s website.

There are four sections for SAIT students to win in, but only one instructor can win for their designated school.

Students seem to like the idea of recognizing teaching and learning excellence.

“The student awards are a great idea because it gives extra money to students, but it feels like many of them are more about who you are as a person then what you’ve accomplished here at SAIT,” said Shae Miller, a first-year innovative technology SAIT.

“However, I do enjoy the thought of people being rewarded for achievements that would normally go unnoticed.”

“This is ingenious in a way since it shows future employers dedication and or consideration for the work students applied too while attending SAIT,” said Tegan Andrews, a second-year business administration student.

“It would make anyone who reads a resume to go, ‘Wow, they seem really important,’ and that’s always something good to have.”

The deadlines for all nominations in all categories are Feb. 15, at 11:59 p.m. MST on the SAITSA awards page.

Study Habits: Students in Stan Grad Building studying and relaxing at SAIT Main Campus in Calgary on Monday, Jan. 16, 2017. (Photo by Kerriene England/The Press)
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