Those in pursuit of fun can now chase it at Trivia Nights

As activity nights at local bars and venues around the city are on the rise, trivia nights are rocketing to the top of the list.

Dusty Ramsbottom is part of a local Calgary trivia group called Fat Bottom Trivia, a group that is keeping active trivia night enthusiasts updated and informed on where to find their next event.

“We have only begun less than two years ago, but the games we created from an interest in live entertainment trivia nights,” said Ramsbottom.

“Every time we start a weekly show, we try to build a new community around the venue.”

Encouraging people all over the city to visit new locations not only keeps the venues fresh and interesting, but it also helps boost the local economy, by bringing newcomers to locations they wouldn’t normally visit.

Trivia nights travel around the city, but some venues host them consistently, just as bars do karaoke nights.

“We want to do help the venue and stay there as long as we can,” said Ramsbottom.

“I have attended a number of trivia nights around the city, and I must say it is so much fun,” said Mackenzie Brush, an education student at the University of Calgary, as well as a karaoke star.

“I love when bars put on activity nights, and trivia nights are becoming some of my favourites.”

Although the events are based on traditional trivia games, these nights have taken a contemporary twist.

Some pubs provide participants with buzzers and use big screens to display the interactive game board.

“Fat Bottom Trivia shows are meant to be one step ahead of many trivia nights that typically are just writing down answers on paper,” said Ramsbottom.

“We have created full-fledged game shows with buzzers, big-screens, images, music, and videos.”

Not all venues can supply such a modern form to play the games, since it may not be a consistent event they host.

However old-fashioned pen and paper doesn’t limit the amount of fun you can have.

As well as hosting regular trivia nights with no set theme in mind, some venues have taken to hosting themed nights in which all categories are based on the same topic, such as Star Wars, or the Harry Potter stories.

Following with the latest trends, The Gateway at SAIT Polytechnic has begun offering team trivia nights.

We have created full-fledged game shows with buzzers, big-screens, images, music, and videos – Dusty Ramsbottom

Falling on a Wednesday of every month, the Gateway will be offering free trivia nights to those interested. The next will be taking place on Feb. 8.

Registration is free and takes place at 5 p.m. that day with the activities beginning at 6 p.m.

Topics will include general nights, Disney nights and even Game of Thrones-themed nights.

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