It’s Ghostbusters every day of the year for local paranormal investigators

Ghosts don’t just come out for Halloween in Southern Alberta.

For investigative crews like Ghost Hunt Alberta, it’s Ghostbusters every day of the year.

Teams like Ghost Hunt run investigations just about anywhere, from old schools to pubs, and will even check out someone’s house.

“People assume that anything frightening can only happen on Halloween, but that’s not true,” said Chastity Liggit, an expert paranormal investigator.

“In fact, spirits can be found at any time of the year.”

Calgary is considered the No. 1 ghost hunting city in Canada, because of its three connecting rivers and bountiful spiritual ties to the land.

“Water is a huge indicator and conductor of energy,” said Liggit. “Spirits favour these energies to make them stronger, which helps us out in finding them.”

The spiritual ties, according to Liggit, stem from the pagans, heathens, wiccans, and indigenous practices.

“People don’t know this, but Calgary has very heavy ties to spirituality and a massive underground community connecting them from ghosts to ‘forbidden’ religious practices,” said Edward Bona, a practicing heathen and investigator.

According to Ghost Hunt Alberta the most popular spots in this part of the world are the East Coulee Museum in East  Coulee, Alta. and the Montana State penitentiary in Deer Lodge, Mont.,

Both have intriguing historical backgrounds and have the most personal and documented experiences.

“Ghost hunting is almost like a sport,” said Bona.

“You’re trying to get the best evidence, trying to get the best experience, and at the same time trying to have fun.”

‘Legendary places’ in Calgary include the Prince House in Heritage Park, the Devil’s Playground, and the zoo bridge. All are off limits for investigation for safety reasons, but they are just a few examples of places these teams would venture.

Investigation teams like GHA plan to advance their searches and team up with Big Foot hunters, demon hunters, and many other people to find out if paranormal things in these places are real.

“We aren’t a bunch of gullible goofs, we want to know the truth, but most importantly we want people to know that if these are real that you don’t need to be scared,” Liggit said.

“Of course, people may think we’re crazy, but in actuality we’re explorers. We want to know the truth and we’ll use science and detective reasoning to find it.”

To get more information on how to join an investigation, or about the things that teams like GHA have found you can visit them at their website.

Investigating gear recording for ghosts in the dark Begin Tower at SAIT main campus in Calgary on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2017. scanning for information to help further the discovery. This is an actual app that is used to help find spirits. (Photo by Kerriene England/The Press)
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