New SAIT Management Society is open to all

The newly founded SAIT Management Society is breaking new ground for its members by offering three management development events in just its first semester of existence.

President Jeromy Deleff, vice-president Wayne Lin, and executive member Omari Fraser founded the club after they worked together on a charity for their project management course.

“It’s a big thing to create a club from scratch but we had a strong team we knew we could branch out from,” said Deleff.

“We think there’s a lot we can do that helps the student experience that the academic setting doesn’t necessarily teach.”

Despite the club being officially created in December 2016, its executive team has already planned three events for their members to attend.

All Business: President Jeromy Deleff holds the SAIT Management Society business card in Calgary on Friday, Feb. 3, 2017. The club was founded one month ago but already has three planned events. (Photo by Miriam Johnston/The Press)

With help from their professor in project management, the class where it all started, the club is bringing in people from different educational institutions to do a certificate information session, a social networking event, and an industry night.

Some of the possible institutes lined up for these events are the Project Management Institute, the International Institute of Business Analysis, and the Canadian Institute of Management.

“We’ve actually had a dramatic interest in our club just in our first month,” said Deleff.

The plan is for the club to market itself to all SAIT students, and not just management majors, so membership is currently free.

“We believe that management is something that is very broad and can apply to everyone,” said Lin.

“We want our peers to accomplish the milestone of how to gain the skills to become a leader.”

Deleff and his executive team have researched the management clubs in Canada and the U.S., including MIT and Stanford, and have found that these clubs are scarce, or don’t offer many events or opportunities for members.

The SAIT team leaders have big ambitions for their society.

“What we’re doing already in terms of our scope right now, we’re on par with some of the best management clubs in Canada,” Deleff said.

The club currently consists of 73 members after just one month of operations, and the club has seen a steady flow of people signing up.

Of the business major clubs, management is the newest one to be created, though it is moving the fastest in terms of events.

Strong Team:The executive team of SAIT Management Society poses at the Heritage Hall building at SAIT in Calgary on Friday, Feb. 3, 2017. The club was founded one month ago by president Jeromy Deleff . (Photo by Miriam Johnston/The Press)

“We’re seeing tremendous growth and I think that if we accomplish a solid first semester, it’s going to set a really good foundation for us to go forward in the next academic year, and we can start adding even more to our scope,” said Deleff.

Deleff said that he wanted to create this club to prepare future managers for the growing challenges that the world is facing right now.

Leaders are not born, but they can be trained, Lin believes.

“They may forget everything they learned in school once it’s over, but one thing that will last is this experience.”

We think there’s a lot we can do that helps the student experience that the academic setting doesn’t necessarily teach. – Jeromy Deleff

The club is something that Deleff, Lin and Fraser are very invested in, as they have contributed long hours and even their own money to get the club going.

“We have a vision that we think is achievable if we have the right people, the right passion and the interest,” said Deleff.

“We want this club to be an active and impactful club for years to come in the future for SAIT.”

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