Bungee Workout lets you bounce your way to better fitness


Looking for a new workout to add to your routine? Why not bounce?

Calgary’s first bungee workout facility has opened it’s doors at 5621 11th Street N.E. near Deerfoot City.

The bungee style was first offered in Bangkok, Thailand, but has since been a popular method of workout in Asia, Russia, and the U.S. as well.

“Our facility is about 3,000 square feet and we have 10 spots in each class,” said Jennifer Zhou, who is the administrator at Bungee Workout Canada.

“Bungee Workout appears really fun, and it is, but it is actually a lot harder than it looks.”

Zhou says it is a low-impact, high intensity cardio workout that focuses on strength building, primarily in the core.

“Everything you are doing in this class is core focused,” said Zhou.

“Basically the further you move from the anchor point, the more resistance you will get from the cord. It requires more core strength to go any further.”

Bungee Workout allows people to perform manoeuvres that would otherwise be difficult to perform.

“We like to do one handed push-ups with feet suspended in the air and jump off walls,” she said.

Currently, Bungee Workout only offers the Bungee Fitness class, which is an intensive 60-minute exercise that takes the powerful bungee cord’s resistance into the workout.

“You push more, your run more, you fly more, and you burn more,” says Zhou.

Next year, the facility will be offering two other bungee classes: Bungee Workout and Bungee Wall.

“Bungee Workout will be a combination of dance, fitness training, and aerobic performance,” said Zhou.

“It will be an amazing full body cardio and resistance training workout that works and tones almost every muscle in your body.

“Bungee Wall is essentially a resistance class designed around your childhood fantasy of leaping around like Spiderman, with the grace of an aerial artist, set to the high energy beat of the latest pop music,” said Zhou.

Zhou said that while it is important to have fun, safety was the number one priority of the facility.

“Safety is the more important thing to us and our top of the line equipment was designed and built specifically for these workouts. Each participant wears a hip harness and clips onto an engineering certified rigging system.”

You push more, you run more, you fly more, and you burn more.

-Jennifer Zhou

Multi-class packages are available, or you can drop-in for a $35 fee.

Currently, Bungee Workout Canada is offering a Christmas special of $20 classes on Wednesdays and 20 per cent discounts for students.

For more information, visit Bungee Workout Canada.


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