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SAIT and MRU Confessions team up for Valentine’s event

The Calgary post-secondary ‘Confessions’ community has united in efforts to provide students with a two-day event in celebration of Valentine’s Day, upcoming next month.
The event will be two nights exclusive for Mount Royal University and SAIT Polytechnic students and will feature different themes along with contests and cash prizes towards tuition.
University of Calgary students and adults outside of school will be allowed to attend, but will not be able participate in the cash prizes that are available.
Second-year marketing student at SAIT, Richard Nyan is split in reaction to what the event is bringing to the student community.
“I don’t participate in the confessions at all, but they are pretty funny,” said Nyan.
“I think it’s pretty cool how money is being given out, because as a student, god knows we all could use it,” he continued.
This will be the second event this school-year organized by the confessions community.
MRU Confessions held an event earlier this fall.
First-year business student at MRU, Mohammad Saleh, encouraged students to participate in the event.
“It’s just a fun way for people from different schools to start meeting each other,” said Saleh. “People are too quick to pass judgment on an event that’s meant to be just for fun,” he continued.
Some of the judgment that’s being passed down on the event seems to stem from the separation on couples and singles for the two day events according to Nyan.
“I think we all know what it means when there’s an event specific to single people. Things could get a little trashy and that’s just not the kind of environment for everyone,” he said.
UofC students don’t seem to pay too much attention to the fact that their confessions page was excluded as a host from the Love and Lust event.
Second-year engineering student Raymond Diep explained that he wasn’t surprised because in his opinion, the UofC Confessions page isn’t as active as the two other schools.
“You definitely see a lot more confessions being made on those two (MRU and SAIT) pages. It’s good for them because I heard tuition prizes are being handed out again, but I think we (UofC) look too engage student’s in different ways,” said Diep.
A total of four $500 cash prizes will be handed out to random students throughout the two nights, you must be present with your ticket the night of to be eligible.
Both days of the event will be located at Roadhouse night club, located in southwest Calgary. Doors will be open for 8 p.m. until 2 a.m.