Calgary’s newest Instagram backdrop is a hit with local photographers

You might not have seen it in person, but your friends have. Two weeks after its launch, the CMLC parkade has taken over everyone’s Instagram feed.

A multi-million-dollar opportunity: Calgary’s $80 million parking is a hub for emerging innovation and tech, but there’s more than two sides to this spaceship-looking structure. (Omar Sherif / The Press)

This $80 million structure in Calgary’s East Village is a local photographer’s dream come true. Its frames, leading lines, reflections, and structures help compose perfect photos.


Local photographer Karanveer Singh frames himself between levels at the CMLC parkade. (Omar Sherif / The Press)


Streetwear and sneaker model Sean Mari Sagun poses for a portrait at the CMLC parkade. (Omar Sherif / The Press)

Check out the parkade here

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