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    September 2021 Pictures of the Month

    Included in the 2021 September Pictures of the Month: The Running of the Bulldogs; the Superdogs; the Heritage Inn International Balloon Festival; Peace Bridge performers; Beakerhead; a classic car show; Trojan’s women’s soccer; the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation; and several others. [ READ MORE ]

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    March Pictures of the Month

    Included in the 2021 March Pictures of the Month: Slice of life scenes in Cochrane; a game of pickup basketball; cat antics at a local pet shelter; a fire in NE Calgary; street performers; anti-hate protest; and much, much more. [ READ MORE ]

  • Day in the Life

    A Day in the Life of Calgary

    Chronicling Calgary’s response to COVID-19 in visuals was a big task for our students in SAIT’s photojournalism major program. This year’s “Day in the Life” project (as it is known) was particularly challenging as our team of photojournalists navigated those challenges posed by the coronavirus with creativity and professionalism. [ READ MORE ]