Blue Grass Nursery pumpkin fest a ‘smashing’ success

Blue Grass Nursery Sod and Garden Centre held its annual pumpkin fest on Oct. 8 in support of the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation.

About 5,500 people attended the event, which featured a wide variety of activities and spectacles that offered entertainment for every age group.

Calgarian Stacie Woolford, manager of community initiative and events at the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, said the event, which had its 14th edition this year, is a significant fund-raiser for the foundation.

The event had no mandatory entry fee, but donations were encouraged upon entry, with a recommended donation of $5.

Although donations were voluntary, there were other opportunities to pay for various things throughout the festival, with proceeds going to the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Woolford said that the event collects about $20, 000 in donations for the foundation every year, and relies heavily on volunteers.

She praised Blue Grass Nursery for sustaining such a popular event.

“Blue Grass Nursery has it down to a science,” said Woolford.

Calgarian Lisa Silva, the organizer of the festival, was pleased with this year’s turnout.

She said visitors could expect the same experience the festival offers every year, adding that that’s what keeps it great.

“It’s amazing as it is,” said Silva.

The festival is a great event to visit for families with children, although there were entertaining activities for all age groups.

Among the many massive pumpkins on display was the Alberta record-holder, weighing an impressive 1,652 pounds, Silva said.

There was also the Alberta record-holder for the biggest squash, which weighed at 934 pounds.

All the pumpkins on display were grown by people in the Calgary area.

Silva said visitors also had the opportunity to buy raffle tickets for a chance to win a $2,500 Air Canada travel voucher or a Rainbow Play System, with proceeds being donated to the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Visitors could also participate in carving a pumpkin, with the option of taking their pumpkins home for a $5 donation.

(Video credit: CBC Calgary)

The grand finale of the day was the iconic pumpkin drop, when a massive pumpkin is lifted into the air by a crane, then dropped on top of a car.

The result was a smashed pumpkin and a rather flat vehicle.

The Blue Grass Nursery held three pumpkin drops at the end of the day, with the largest pumpkin weighing around 800 pounds.

Blue Grass Nursery has it down to a science. – Stacie Woolford

Calgarian Danya Amery was in attendance with her kids, and said she enjoyed her time with her family.

She said she found out about the event on Facebook, and thought it looked interesting.

“It was fun to look at the giant pumpkins. We’d like to come back next year,” said Amery.

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