Fast and furious (sort of) on the streets of Chestermere

Chestermere’s third annual Lakeridge community Soap Box Derby tore up the streets on Sunday, Sept. 24, 2017, in Rainbow Falls link.

The race was held from 1-4 p.m. with 68 registered racers and streets filled with cheering fans.

“I think it’s so fun for kids to build something and just come out on a great day and race, and have a good time, “said Pastor Evan Dewald of Lakeridge Community Church.

Dewald started the event in 2015 to help bring people in the community together and to get kids and parents to do something fun with each other.

“I started this from my own love of building and I wanted to turn it into something that everybody could enjoy, especially the kids,” said Dewald.

“But us grown-ups have a pretty good time too.”

The annual build night was hosted on Sept. 13 in a garage on West Chestermere Drive, where kids and parents came together to build their very own soapbox derby cars.

“Building the car isn’t just about the car, but it’s about creating space for people to spend time with their kids,” Dewald said.

The goal for build day is to encourage fun and healthy activities for kids to do with their parents as well as bond with other people in the community.

“When somebody comes out and creates something as simple as a soapbox derby for kids, everybody gets really jazzed up about it,” said Pastor Preston Pouteaux of Lakeridge Community Church.

Pouteaux and Dewald think the best thing a handful of people can do for a community is to create these unique events that bring people together.

Special guests, Chestermere RCMP and the Chestermere Fire Service, appeared at the race to help cheer the kids on.

“My favourite part of the soapbox derby races is just to watch the kids laugh, and smile and run around,” said Pouteaux.

“We want them to feel like they’re in a real race.”

“We think that this is the future of neighbourhoods and communities,” said Pouteaux. “We want the parents to feel like they did a good thing by moving into the neighbourhood.”

At the end, each kid was given a medal for their participation, and winners were rewarded with trophies.

Caroline Dewald, 14, has participated in every annual soapbox derby race and received a second place trophy for her category this year.

“My favourite part about racing is winning,” said Caroline Dewald.

“But even if I didn’t win this time, I still had fun, and I know I’ll win next year.”

For more information on events and next year’s soapbox derby race visit the Lakeridge community website.

The Grand Finale: The participants of Chestermere’s third annual soapbox derby race got sprayed with silly string after receiving their medals on Sunday Sept. 24, 2017. Lakeridge Community Church started the event in 2015, and it has grown to be a Chestermere tradition. (Photo by Kathryn Higdon/The Press)
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