Zombies walk the streets again

Calgary’s Annual Zombie walk returned Oct. 14 at the Olympic Plaza downtown.

Chris Bowell, organizer of the event, said prior to the event that he was expecting more than 600 people this year.

“We are hoping to get to the numbers we had previous years,” Bowell said.

This year the zombie walk will have different vendors such as makeup artists and art enthusiasts exposing their work.

To become a living dead, Bowell suggests participants find their clothes from thrift stores, such as Value Village, or use old garments.

When it comes to zombie makeup, for first-timers Bowell recommends getting it done at the event.

“We have makeup artists down there,” Bowell said.

Don’s Hobby Shop, a costume shop with all kinds of outfits and makeup, and also the main sponsor of the event, will be on hand for all those who come unprepared.

“We have all kinds of special effects and zombie kits,” said Scott Benne, manager of Don’s Hobby Shop.

Benne said these special effects include fake blood, face skinning makeup, foundation colours, coloured teeth, and special contact lenses.

The store has participated in the city’s zombie walk in past years with much success.


Walkers are also encouraged to participate in a $5 ticket raffle to raise funds to improve next year’s walk.

Money raised from a second ticket, which will be $1, will go towards the Calgary Food Bank.

The prizes for the draw include free passes for different Calgary gaming centres such as Level 1Smartypants and LaserQuest YYC.

This year the walk will end at 17th Avenue’s Tompkins Square park because the route last year, that ended in Millenium Park, didn’t work out so well.

“Most zombies disappeared,” said Bowell.

The after party will be held at Chronicle’s Public House, which is only a few blocks from the end of the walk.

Chronicle’s will be displaying a variety of zombie movies for the public.

Next year’s walk is planned to be during the Thanksgiving weekend because people are more likely to participate during a holiday weekend.

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