YYC Pizza Week brings people together, one slice at a time

Calgarians showed their support for Meals on Wheels by purchasing pizza’s for the third annual YYC Pizza Week from Sept. 22 to Oct. 1.

With every purchase of a uniquely made pizza from one of more than 44 restaurants across the city, $3 went to the Calgary Meals on Wheels foundation.

Chris Mattock, the marketing and communications co-ordinator working with the foundation,  said, “Calgary Meals on Wheels is a proven leader in providing healthy, locally made meals to our city.”

YYC Pizza Week is important for many reasons, Mattock added, the largest being the amount the business gives back to the charity throughout the year.

“In three years, YYC Pizza Week has raised more than $25,000 for local charities,” Mattock added.

“YYC Pizza Week gives us another great reason to go out and explore our city.”

Included in the 44 restaurants participating in YYC Pizza Week is The Italian Centre Shop, which has supported the cause for the past two years.

“It’s phenomenal what Meals on Wheels does,” said the manager of The Italian Centre Shop, Gino Marghella.

“We are aligned with Meals on Wheels. We are really into feeding big families, it brings us into the community,” Marghella added.

“We try to give back as much as we can.”

YYC Pizza Week not only brings the community together, Marghella said, it also exposes people to different restaurants, and allows the chefs to be as creative as they want in creating a new pizza for the week.

“It bonds all the restaurants together. I believe people should work together in a society,” Marghella added.

Marketing and brand manager Mallory Moser of the Trolley 5 Restaurant and Brewery said the outlet has supported YYC Pizza Week for the past two years.

Moser said each year the restaurant is gaining more support from Calgarians.

“Each year we are amazed at how many people support the cause.”

“We love taking part in our community any way that we can,” Moser added, “It’s about giving back and having fun while doing it.”

Since 1965, Calgary Meals on Wheels has prided itself on creating a community connection of neighbours helping neighbours, Mattock said, adding that the charity is always accepting volunteer applications to deliver meals.

“Calgary Meals on Wheels relieves barriers to nutrition for any Calgarian, whether those barriers be financial, physical, medical, or more.” Mattock added.

“We have Calgary as our priority.”

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