You can sweat and slave to make dinner, or just call Chef to Table

Locally based culinary company, Chef to Table, has a recipe for Calgarians who spend too much time on their nightly dinner rituals.

“We did some research and found that Calgarians spend, on average, more than 24 hours a week on their dinners,” said Richard Truss, a customer care manager for Chef to Table.

“Daily dinners are becoming full-time jobs,” he said.

That includes planning what to eat, shopping for the ingredients, prepping and cooking, eating, and then cleaning up all the dishes afterward.

According to Truss, Chef to Table takes all of that and streamlines the process to save you a ton of time and a little money too.

Clients of the service get a new menu sent every Wednesday, and if they choose to order anything that week they place an order by Friday.

When the order is placed the customers will get fully prepared frozen meals delivered to their doors on the following Monday by 4 p.m..

Before Chef to Table, people created a variety of solutions for the dinner problem including eating out, ordering in, or meal prepping for the week on weekends.

“I used to spend about 12 hours on Sundays meal prepping for the week,” said Shabnam Jawar, an Airdrie resident and mother of three toddlers and a teenager.

The Chef to Table platform is completely flexible.

Clients get a new menu with a variety of choices every week. They can choose to get meals for as many days as they need, and for as many people as they’re serving.

“Tuesday and Thursday nights are always busy for me, so I usually order meals for those days,” said Nicole Garland, a 21-year-old Calgary resident and customer of Chef to Table.

Delivery each week is free and comes in an insulated box. If you aren’t home they will leave the box on your doorstep where it will stay cool for more than 24 hours.

“The meals are prepared fresh each week with ingredients bought locally,” said Truss.

For people with dietary restrictions there are also gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options each week.

Chef to Table was founded this March and is based in downtown Calgary.

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