Some thrown for a Loop at Beakerhead

Beakerhead’s illuminated cylinder, called Loop, lit up 4th Street S.W. in Mission, from Sept. 13-17.

Loop is a motion activated two-metre retro-futuristic cylinder that makes fairytale inspired images come to life in a rotating flip book fashion.

It was one of 14 attractions in this year’s Snakes and Ladders themed event for  participants and casual onlookers to enjoy.

“It’s mesmerizing watching the images come to life,” said Cheryl Wan, a 19 year-old Calgarian who participated in the Beakerhead event.

The attraction allowed two people to sit inside, face-to-face, and separated divided by a large lever.

By cranking the metal lever back and fourth, the paintings spin around, while lighting up the entire cylinder and playing audio that compliments the mystery fairytale behind the glass.

“Figuring out the mystery fairytale of each loop is satisfying,” said Wan.

“It really allows you to appreciate the art with a new perspective.”

A total of six Loop units were installed by Creos Experts-Conseils Inc. for Beakerhead to showcase.

“It’s simply big playful artwork,” said Regis Prolux, head of production at Creos Experts-Conseils.

Originally 13 Loops were created for a contest called Luminothérapie in Quebec by artist Jonathan Villeneuve, musical artist Oliver Girouard, and Ottoblix.

It was produced with the support of the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership of Montreal.

The installation won Luminothérapie, which allowed six out of the 13 units to travel across Canada and take part in Beakerhead.

Once Beakerhead concluded, the Loops was sent to Switzerland for people to interact with in other events.

Loop of Love: Loop is one of 14 Beakerhead installations in Calgary on Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017. A couple activates the Loop by pushing the lever back and fourth. (Photo by Justin Tinaza/SAIT)
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