Expect the unexpected when building a house, home-building expert says

Bryan Baeumler had some advice for about 100 people at the Calgarg Home Show on Sept. 22, on the important things to consider when buying or building a house.

Baeumler is the host of the Bryan Inc. show on HGTV Canada and is the president of Baeumler Quality Construction and Renovations Inc.

“It costs more money to build a house well than to build a big house,” Baeumler told his audience, at the BMO Centre at Stampede Park.

Baeumler said more than three-quarters of people building a house exceed their budgets by 50 per cent in the process.

He advised the crowd to always expect the unexpected when building a house because people will always find things they don’t expect.

The majority of the questions from the audience were related to maintaining a budget while renovating.

Baeumler said it’s important to look at where the value is in the house, spending money on the things that are the hardest to get and compromising on the cosmetics.

He listed common things that homebuyers always fail to check before buying their homes: electricity bills, inspection reports and gas bills.

Baeumler told the crowd that consumers spend a lot of money on the biggest investments in their lives but they don’t want to spend money maintaining it.

Baeumler also gave tips on how to hire a good contractor for the job.

Looking at trade references of potential contractors is important because the more they buy, the more likely their trade-partners will give them reviews.

He advised consumers to request contractor insurance and make sure they sit down with the contractors to outline their terms and conditions in case anything goes wrong.

Baeumler believes that consumers aren’t always right.

“If the customer is always right, then I am in the wrong business,” he said.

HGTV’s Tiffany Pratt, an interior home designer, spoke to the audience on how to make their homes look like them.

“Spaces are your energy made visible,” said Pratt.

Pratt said people shouldn’t focus on making huge changes but they should focus on the little things.

“When constantly changing your home, it gives you the energy you need,” she said.

“Change is magical.”

Pratt told the audience that there are no rules and people should look for joy.

“Do it with your heart and your hands and do it for yourself,” she said.

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