Calgary now has its own Rec Room

If you are looking for your next date night location or place to take your family, Cineplex’s Rec Room in Deerfoot City might be the spot.

The two-storey 50,000 square foot building offers a little something for people of all ages, with its huge arcade area, virtual rock climbing wall, restaurant, doughnut centre, and a bar.

It’s also adults only after 10 p.m.

Kid Free Zone: Three 10, the newest location of the Rec Room’s adult only bar was opened in Calgary in early October at the Deerfoot City location. The bar is open throughout the whole day, but becomes a hit once it’s a kid free building after 10p.m. (Photo by Madison Freeman/SAIT)

While admission into The Rec Room is free, you do have to pay for electronic credits, which are then put onto an electronic bracelet that allows you to play the games.

Credits range in price from $10 for 40 credits up to $30 for 200 credits.

Combining two dining experiences, two outdoor heated patios, live entertainment, a huge arcade and other attractions under one roof, The Rec Room is the perfect destination for group celebrations, watching the game, and everything in between.

“There’s disruption taking place. People want different experiences and we feel it’s important to evolve our business,” said Cineplex CEO Ellis Jacobs in an interview shortly before the first Rec Room opened in Edmonton.

There are now two locations in the Alberta capital and one in Toronto.

Cineplex plans on remaining in movies but believes people are now seeking something else for entertainment in their daily lives.

With The Rec Room supplying fun for all ages, no one feels left out.

An example of this is 13-year-old Ethan Foster.

“I love this arcade. I think it’s better for kids my age because there’s more things to do here.”

Foster says he has been going to arcades ever since he was little, but this one has quickly grown to be his “favourite.”

“I used to really like Chuck-E-Cheese when I was little, but I think it’s too little for me now. I’m happy that this place opened for older kids and adults.”

Another fan of the newly opened Rec Room is 26-year-old Samantha Arben.

“I love the idea behind this place. It’s almost like a more grown up Chuck-E-Cheese,” she says.

Arben says she hasn’t always been a fan of arcades, but when it comes to the Rec Room, she can’t get enough.

“Ever since it opened, my boyfriend and I have come here most nights. We love it.

“We think the adults only after 10 p.m. is a cool aspect since it gives us and lots of other older people a chance to hang out here with no kids running around.”

The Rec Room is open from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. on weekends, and 11 a.m. to midnight on weeknights, including Sundays.

Test Your Strength: The newest location of the Rec Room was opened in Calgary in early October at the Deerfoot City location. The Rec Room features “The Yard” which contains arcade games such as this strength testing one. (Photo by Madison Freeman/SAIT)




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