Children’s Cultural Exhibition brings northeast communities together

For the first time, Calgary’s Bangladesh Society brought culture to the city in a Children’s Cultural Exhibition at the Genesis Centre in northeast Calgary on Nov. 25.

Jarin Ahmed, the creator of the event, said she got the idea for the show came from working with the young people in her art classes.

“I’ve had the desire to make an event like this for a very long time and I’m very happy to have it all come together,” Ahmed said in an interview prior to the event.

Ahmed and her friends, Rita Rana and Suby Mehra, were able to rent out the venue to kick start their culture show.

The exhibition was created to introduce the work of children of all cultures, and to educate parents and families to those different traditions.

“We asked all guests to wear their traditional attire and be open-minded towards the children that will be showcasing their cultures,” said Mehra, who helped rent the venue where the exhibition was held.

“It’s to open everyone’s eyes and bring together people to enjoy a night of celebration, education and art of all kinds,” said Mehra.

It’s to open everyone’s eyes and bring together people to enjoy a night of celebration, education and art of all kinds. – Suby Mehra

Mehra said the performances ranged from cultural dances, to singing and live paintings.

Admission was only $10 and traditional Bengali food was provided.

A children’s choir sang the song, ‘We Shall Overcome,’ by Pete Seeger, to recognize the struggles of the people of Syria and other conflict zones.

Rana insisted the song be sung in many languages including, Bangla, Urdu, Hindi, French and Spanish.

Students of Ahmed’s private art class created most of the exhibition with the help of their parents and teachers.

“Art is shared among everyone, no matter where they are from. It brings people together and that is the goal with what we are trying to achieve here,” said Rana.

Students of Jarin Ahmed’s art class gather together at her Calgary home in the afternoon of Sat. Nov. 11 to rehearse the song “We Shall Overcome” written and performed by the artist Pete Seeger for their first Children’s Cultural Exhibition. The students range from ages 4-13 and can be seen holding hands singing the staple song for justice.(Photo by Anika Khan/The Press)
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