If you have a special interest, or just want to meet people, SAITSA has a club for you

SAIT students got the chance to join a club at SAITSA’s Club EXPO on Jan. 30.

More than 20 clubs were seeking members, covering a variety of interests from business, to engineering and even travel.

There are also a handful of outdoor activities for athletes.

Join a club: SAITSA Club EXPO sign inside the Stan Gran building, this photo was taken in Calgary on Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018. The event was a great way for students to meet other students who have the same interests. (Photo by Thao Bui/The Press)

The Ski and Snowboard Club focuses on health and active lifestyle.

In 2018, the club has made an effort to sound “more official,” said Cole Selmer, a member of the club.

“We want more students to be involved in outdoor activities through skiing and snowboarding.

“Being a student is difficult, so what the club did was organize deals for the members,” said Selmer.

The club planned a big ski trip for members to meet other members during the winter semester.

Perks of joining are discounts at local outdoor shops, getting maintenance done with boards, gear, and even discounts to restaurants.

“Clubs are a great way for someone to put themselves out there,” said second-year student, Melissa Raymen.

“I’ve been in multiple clubs in high school, and its helped me interact with colleagues.

“I encourage all first-years to give it a try and see what friendships you’ll make,” said Raymen.

The Human Resources Management Student Association Club helps students with interviews or building their portfolios and resumes.

“We offer plenty of volunteer opportunities, and it’s a great way to build your base,” said Tina Bhatt, the president of the club.

“We get industry professionals to come and help with networking, and members can give them a resume.”

Bhatt has planned an industry night for students where they are able to work on case studies to prepare them for future occupations.

“It’s a great way to test their luck.”

The club is tailored to business students, but anybody can sign up.

First and second year students are brought together in Global Passport’s club.

Get your luggage ready: Erin Day, left, Ruth Russell, second from left, Camila Beluco and Hayley Babonan, far right, are members of Global Passport. They posed in front of the group’s display in the Stan Gran Building on Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018. Global Passport aims to bring first and second year Travel and Tourism students together. (Photo by Thao Bui/The Press)

“Our goal is to bring the first and second years together to help each other out, and answer questions,” said Erin Day, the president.

The club wants students to use the Destinations travel agency at SAIT.

“You can learn more about destinations, how to budget, and what cities are the best for travel,” said Day.

Students who are new to SAIT may have a hard time making friends, but that’s when clubs come in handy.

“Being an international student is hard enough,” said Bich Ngoc, a first-year in respiratory therapy.

“Getting used to the campus, and the language barrier, you never have time for friends,” she said.

Ngoc joined the club VietSAIT after a few months into her program and said she’s met many people who are in the same position as her.

VietSAIT has been around for over five years, and its purpose is bringing the Vietnamese community together.

“I’ve met my best friend here and we both help each other with everyday things.

“We get lots of international students here at SAIT, and I think it’s important for people to know that this college is welcoming.”

If you’re looking to make acquaintances, friends or maybe even more, the LGBTQ+ club at SAIT is always welcoming,” said the president of the club, Kaylee Taylor.

“This club gives space for the LGBTQ+ community to connect.

The school hasn’t had this kind of club in a couple of years, Taylor explained.

Every Tuesday, the members meet up to chat, do homework, and play board games.

“On Jan. 30, we’re doing a ‘coming out’ monologue for people who haven’t came out yet.

“There aren’t any perks to joining this club, but it’s a great way to welcome people,” said Taylor.

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