Drop out, or stick it out at school? Students ponder a big decision

To drop out of post-secondary, or hang in there?

That is the question many students struggle with, as they work their way through their academic year.

On Feb. 1, 2018, some students offered an inside look at what it is like to consider dropping out of school and why they have not done it.

Some students said they found it hard to to stay focused on getting an education after high school because they’d rather go straight to work.

Others, however, have decided to stick to the educational route to continue to learn more.

A student who has considered both options is Camille Aguilar, who is studying to be a legal assistant.

For Aguilar, the pressure to finish her education in a certain amount of time is what caused her to consider dropping out.

“I was fast-tracking all of my courses,” said Aguilar in an interview.

When it came to focus on her education, Aguilar saw herself giving up majority of her free time to studying and anything that related to her program.

It was about not having time for anything like friends, family, pets, hobbies or interest, Aguilar said.

The goal for Aguilar was to stay in school in order to get a job that paid well, while still being able to do something that she enjoyed. However, at some point school became a bit too much.

Aguilar said, with the pressure from parents, teachers and even herself she found learning to be more than she could take on.

“Somewhere along the way it stopped being about me learning and enjoying,” said Aguilar.

“Instead the goal was to finish and take on more than you can handle.”

Another student who has considered both options was Gerald Tayag, who is studying graphic communication and print technology.

Tayag has been in his program for two semesters, but considered dropping out because school became uninteresting.

“Honestly I was bored with school,” said Tayag.

For Tayag there was no pressure on continuing with his education. Instead his goal was to learn more so he could create a business of his own one day.

Somewhere along the way, it stopped being about me learning and enjoying. – Camille Aguilar

“I’m in school for me,” said Tayag.

The idea of dropping out can seem like a good choice at times, said Tayag.

However, he knows if he did decide to drop out, he’d be working full-time at his current job instead.

“That is not a goal for the future for me,” Tayag said.

Other students who have thought about dropping out agree that being able to have a good career in the end is what any other individual would want.

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