Calgarians march to free Ahed Tamimi

The Walk for Ahed was held on Feb. 25 in front of city hall, where more than 20 individuals showed their support.

“Ahed Tamimi fully deserves our help,” said Badiuk Brandon, one of the speakers and the event planner for the walk.

“She and all the other children that are locked up should be released back home to where they belong.”

Brandon is a local activist fighting for the rights of all the detained Palestinian children.

Tamimi was apprehended for punching an Israeli officer after the soldier shot her cousin with a rubber bullet.

The bullet left her cousin critically injured and in a coma for more than 10 days.

Tamimi, aged 16, was arrested on Dec. 19, 2017, and has been placed in a military detention facility, awaiting trail.

If convicted, Tamimi could face up to 10 years in an Israeli jail.

Her mother was later imprisoned for posting the video of her arrest, which has now been viewed by millions around the world.

One of the local protesters, Sheila Medina, believes that injustice was served when it came to the Palestinian children.

“She punched a soldier and is now confined behind bars. The soldier who left her cousin completely brain damaged is still roaming free,” said Medina in a face-to-face interview.

Holding the ‘Peace and Justice for Palestine’ sign, Medina said the world should unite and free Tamimi so she can fulfill her childhood dream.

“The whole world is protesting for Ahed to be free and I won’t be satisfied until she achieves her dream to visit the sea with her family.”

Born in Nabi Salih, a village in the occupied West Bank, Tamimi began protesting at the age of 13.

There are many videos of her posted on YouTube.

She has become a symbol of resistance and is now a well-known activist around the world.

“Ahed is not a terrorist but a freedom fighter,” said Victor Divino, one of the protestors and father to Palestinian children.

He said Tamimi could be deprived the next 10 years of her life if the world doesn’t unite for her freedom.

More than 700 letters of solidarity written by the U.S. Jews have been sent to Tamimi’s family.

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