Calgary, get your green thumbs ready

Plant Nite, creative entertainment that invites people to get out of the house to socialize and drink while planting succulents, is becoming popular in Calgary.

Katie Fawkes, social media strategist at Plant Nite, says she hopes people get a “break from the normal grind” when attending their events, which are held at more than 10 pubs and restaurants in the city.

“One ticket includes all materials, plants, and instruction to create your own terrarium,” Fawkes said.

Courtney Marshall, licensee-owner of Plant Nite Calgary, said it started last November.

“When Plant Nite was coming to Calgary, I thought it was a great opportunity. I wanted to bring something new to Calgarians,” she said.

Melanie Bergman, a University of Calgary student, heard about this activity through a friend and attended one on Jan. 16, at Ranchman’s Cookhouse and Dancehall.

“I would definitely go again, and I recommend it to my friends,” Bergman said.

She said as soon as she and her friends arrived, they were escorted to a table with green aprons that said Plant Nite so their clothes would be safe from all the soil and decorations.

“The host clearly explained how to plant our chosen succulents and brought around pebbles, rocks, moss, and plastic dinosaurs and frogs to decorate our terrariums with,” she said.

Bergman said her ticket cost $40 and it was “worth the money.

“However, I was expecting to get wine included because it was advertised as a plant and wine night,” she said.

Marshall, the host, hopes people enjoy their time whether they come with friends or family, or just by themselves.

“I hope that they find that they do have maybe even a little bit of a green thumb and enjoy planting their terrarium,” she said.

Dan Hermann and Sean McGrail created Plant Nite soon after they came up with Paint Nite, the same concept but painting pictures instead of planting, says the Plant Nite website.

“Their mission was to encourage creativity, empower communities, and inspire connections (away from the screen), all while offering a new way to go out and have fun,” the website says.

Marshall’s sister-in-law owns the Paint Nite franchise in Saskatoon and she thought it was a “great opportunity” to own the sister company in Calgary.

“After an event, I hope that maybe I sparked a desire to learn more, or plant more, and walk away with a little knowledge of plants,” Marshall said.

STUDENT SUCCULENT: University of Calgary student Melanie Bergman holds her homemade terrarium from Plant Nite in her dorm room, Jan. 25, 2018. Bergman attended Plant Nite on Jan. 16 at Ranchman’s Cookhouse and Dancehall. (Photo by Shawna Martens/The Press)
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