There are challenges, but also some magic, in owning a dog

Becoming the owner of a dog always presents new challenges into a person’s life and the lives of those around them.

Josh Miller is a 20-year-old welder who recently decided to take on the responsibility of owning a French bulldog named Midas.

Midas is 10 months old and has been mostly trained to use pads to go to the toilet, but there are still times when he doesn’t use them.

“It’s really tough becoming a dog owner during a Calgary winter, especially with such a small dog,” Miller said.

A recent study by Environment Canada has stated that this has been the coldest  for Calgary in some time.

“I would love to be able to let Midas outside to go do his business or go for walks but it’s just too cold,” said Miller.

“That is something that I wish I had thought about before buying him but it is what it is.”

As consequence of not being able to take Midas outside, the pads that the dog has been using leave a lingering smell.

This is something that frustrates Miller’s roommates including Brandt Davis, a second-year student and the University of Calgary.

“I love the little guy but man its tough coming downstairs and smelling the used pads, so I suggested to Josh that we keep a garbage outside for the pads to make things easier and so far things have been better,” Davis said.

Originally there weren’t supposed to be pets in the home but Miller was able to convince his mom who is the landlord that he was responsible enough to take care of a dog, and the residence.

Davis was a little apprehensive at first about bringing a dog into the home but quickly warmed up when meeting the young pup.

“I was worried about having to take care of him when Josh isn’t around but Midas has been pretty good which probably comes with him being 10 months old already. So ultimately it hasn’t changed much, “ said Davis.

Miller was clear that he didn’t want the responsibilities that Midas comes with to fall on his roommates although he doesn’t mind the help.

Man’s Best Friend: Josh Miller and his new French bulldog Midas in his home in Calgary on Monday, Feb. 26, 2018. Miller recently chose to take on the responsibility of being a dog owner. Midas is 10 months old.(Photo by Ty W. Rothermal/The Press)

“It’s my dog and my responsibility, I don’t expect anyone else to take care of him nor his needs. But everyone is more than willing to help, which makes things a bit easier and more flexible,” said Miller.

“But I don’t use that willingness to affect anyone else’s plans. That just isn’t fair.”

Miller’s other roommate is his brother, Jake Miller, who was unsure about the point in getting a dog but has grown to enjoy having Midas around.

“I was confused about why Josh wanted a dog since we don’t really have much of a yard especially during the winter. But he’s just a really playful pup that’s fun to have around,” said Jake Miller.

The Miller brothers always grew up with a big dog and the change to such a small dog in Midas has been a nice once.

“The nice thing about Josh’s choice of such a small dog is that it is much easier to clean up. That little guy could never cause a major issue,” Jake Miller said.

One issue Josh Miller was worried about was that Midas might be an issue when everyone is trying to sleep, since he works night shifts at his job as a welder.

However, that hasn’t been the case, as Davis points out.

“Midas does yip a bit initially when Josh isn’t around but he calms down pretty quick and goes about his own business.”

Josh Miller admits while things have been slightly more challenging than expected he is more than happy with his decision to bring Midas into his life.

Josh Miller is looking forward to the warmer spring weather in order to train Midas outdoors and take him for walks and to the park.

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