New SAITSA board of directors features 10 rookie members

New crew: Newly elected SAITSA Board of Directors (BOD) members pose for a photo after the results were been announced at The Gateway in Calgary on Thursday, Oct. 4, 2018. Front row (left to right): Kaylee Taylor, Bekah Callaghan, Zain Bukhari. Back row: Alex Sutherland, Lief Garrett, Paramvir Gill, Ben Goud, Matthew Busby, Ryan Morstad, and Chloe Fleury. Not pictured: Elaina Chaput and Tola Jimoh. (Photo by Amanda Lee/The Press)

The SAITSA Board of Directors (BOD) brought on 12 members for the 2018 – 2019 academic school year after the election on Oct.3-4.

Election results were announced on Oct. 4, with 10 new members voted in, and two returning from last year’s panel.

The BOD works with the executive council as well as the president and vice president to oversee the operations and affairs of SAITSA.

Matthew Busby and Ryan Morstad were re-elected to the board.

Busby plans to continue his efforts to lower textbook prices this year.

“The price that us students have to pay for textbooks are absurd and insulting,” said Busby on the SAITSA website.

Morstad, a two-time board member, plans to continue his efforts to increase funding and access to resources for clubs on campus.

“My mission within SAITSA this year is to promote student leadership and expand student leadership opportunities,” said Morstad in an interview.

Morstad wants to revamp the policies and procedures for students to start their own clubs with the fewest barriers possible.

The 10 new members hope to bring some new goals for the BOD this year as they work together to represent the student body of SAIT.

Alex Sutherland and Bekah Callaghan hope to make school involvement more relatable and advocate for students to be informed.

They want to allow students to have a say in what SAITSA does, to insure that the voice of students is heard by SAITSA.

“I want to bring more fun and interaction to SAIT,” said Sutherland on the SAITSA website.

“I want to ensure that SAITSA and the Board of Directors is filled with accountability, passion and integrity,” said Callaghan in her election platform on the SAITSA website.

Chloe Fleury believes that she has a positive can-do attitude and wants to use that to help students have a voice at SAIT.

Elaina Chaput wants to give students an outlet to raise their concerns about campus life.

Kaylee Taylor wants to take on the opportunity to help her fellow students create a feeling of community at SAIT.

Taylor also hopes to have acceptance and equality on campus in order to create a brighter learning space.

Zain Bukhari’s focus during the year will be to actively engage with the student population to better understand their needs and effectively represent their interests at board meetings, and at community events.

Ben Goud has witnessed the support of past BOD members and wants to help new and returning students utilize the resources that SAITSA has to offer.

“Two members of the previous board of directors and executive team helped me to get engaged with SAITSA and activities at SAIT,” said Goud on the SAITSA website.

“I would love the opportunity to pay this kindness forward.”

Lief Garrett wants to be a leader through being part of the BOD.

“I want to make it easier for students to talk to their board members.”

Paramvir Gill believes he has loads of energy and will be able to use that to present his thoughts to the student body while serving on the board.

I want to ensure that SAITSA and the Board of Directors is filled with accountability, passion and integrity. – Bekah Callaghan

“I have a desire to be a part of the body that wins heart of the students with their fun activities and opportunities for the benefit of the students,” Gill said.

With years of leadership experience, Tola Jimoh plans to use that to help with the BOD.

The board of directors are currently in training to learn more about SAITSA and SAIT itself.

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