SAIT gets new African and Caribbean Students Association

Leader: Banan Yousif checks her computer at the SAIT African and Caribbean Students Association (ACSA) in Calgary on Wednesday Oct. 10, 2018. Yousif is the president of the association. (Photo by David Kazimiro/The Press)

Some SAIT students from Africa and the Caribbean have formed a new students association club, the African and Caribbean Students Association (ACSA).

“We target students from different ethnic backgrounds and demographics,” says Banan Yousif, the president of the association.

Yousif is in her fourth year of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree program, majoring in management.

The club currently has 30 registered members, from countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Tanzania, Sudan, South Sudan and the Caribbean.

This is the first time SAIT has had an African club associated with people of African and Caribbean origin.

Yousif said, it took long to have such a club because most of SAIT’s programs are short (2 years), and it is difficult to connect with people, and start a club within that timeframe.

Yousif started the idea in September, 2017. She reached out to other students and the idea was well received.

The club’s mission focuses on entrepreneurship, networking and empowerment. It strives to give back to the community by bringing people together and supporting each other.

The name was selected by Yousif and her colleague Marafi Siddig, who is the vice-president of the club.

Membership is free and everyone can join. The club holds weekly meetings (Wednesday), where members come in and meet new people, interact with one another, do homework, or sometimes listen to music from the home countries of members.

Discussion can cover topics such as business, culture, health and social issues that affect members in school and their respective communities.

“It is a good platform because it offers a window of communication and creates a balance between school and social life,” says Chevaughn Fuller.

Fuller is a first-year Business Administration student, from the Caribbean.

“The club helps students cool down and relax from school stressful life by connecting with new members,” he said.

Members: Club members posing for a group picture after a meeting at SAIT on Oct. 10, 2018. (Photo by David Kazimiro/The Press)
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