Vandalism attack on Airdrie home leaves area residents uneasy

Simple Signage: The sign of Edgewater Garden Estates in Airdrie, Alberta taken on Sunday, Oct. 14, 2018. A house was vandalized within the estate on Oct. 8, causing thousands of dollars in damage. (Photo by Samuel Pike/The Press)

A house in Airdrie’s Edgewater community was vandalized on Oct. 8, when someone took black spray paint to the exterior of the home.

The house was almost completely covered in crude lines of black spray paint, leaving thousands of dollars in damage.

The Airdrie RCMP are still on the lookout for any possible suspects, and have encouraged the public to come forward with any information they can discover.

“I’ve never seen this level of damage in a vandalism case before,” said Airdrie resident Joshua Macgaghey.

“I’ve actually been the victim of vandalism when someone threw eggs at my car. I can’t imagine the trouble that family must be going through. And on Thanksgiving? Come on.”

Macgaghey recently moved into another house in the area, with a couple of roommates, and says that he wouldn’t be able to financially handle that kind of damage being done to his own place.

“I haven’t lived there long, but it’s already a home. The idea that someone could just come along and destroy my home without any reason is unsettling.”

The home vandalized was the only one hit on the block, leaving many to think that it might have been targeted and not a random attack.

“I can’t imagine that it was random,” said local resident Caleb Bankert.

“Only that house was hit. And it wasn’t a small amount of damage. The house was completely covered. And I heard both of their car’s tires were slashed. It was definitely planned.”

Bankert lives in Luxstone, which borders the Edgewater community, and he says he is definitely sleeping a little lighter due to the incident.

“I’m on the lookout now. I take notice when teenagers are passing my house. This is not right. I remember when I was their age, and I hated older people glaring at me as if I broke the law just by existing. But I have to be careful.”

Car Guy: Joshua Macgaghey poses in front of his new vehicle in Airdrie, Alberta on Sunday, Oct. 14, 2018. Mcgaghey’s previous vehicle was vandalized when teenagers pelted the car with eggs. (Photo by Samuel Pike/The Press)


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