Some welcome increase in minimum wage

A Good Start: Joy Cabayao is a sales associate at Topshop in Calgary on Oct. 13. Cabayao balances her time between her work and school. She said that the minimum wage increase “is a good start, especially for new employees.” (Photo by Marco Saligao/The Press)

The latest increase in the minimum wage has some offering praise, while others say they aren’t in favour of the move.

According to the Government of Alberta, the move to hike the minimum wage in the province to $15 an hour from $13.60, effective Oct. 1, will help reduce poverty, improve the quality of life, and to satisfy employees.

But some workers don’t see an upside to the move.

“Personally, [the raise] didn’t benefit me at all because I already make $15 an hour before the wage increase,” Jeana Mangaccat says.

“One of the disadvantages for me is that they give out less hours now. They have to pay other employees more.”

Joy Cabayao, a part-time employee at Topshop and a full-time student at Mount Royal University, says that $15 is enough for her because she needs to save and to pay her bills as she has to balance her time between school and work.

She also says that people who support for their families can use the increased wage as leverage to save up for their future.

Carrie Reid, a single mother of two who works as a server at Earls, says that the wage increase is a necessary move, especially for single parents.

“I have two children to feed. I work 40 hours a week, so the raise helps me to de-stress a little bit,” says Reid.

“I never have to think about finding another job.”

Reid also said that the increase is a huge help for her family as it helps in her household expenses, as well as for her children’s future.

“Some companies should begin to consider having more benefits for part-time workers, for example, discounts on products in retail stores,” says Mangaccat.

Mangaccat says that the raise is not beneficial for others who work from paycheque to paycheque.

“One of the disadvantages for me is that they give out less hours now. They have to pay other employees more.” – Jeana Mangaccat

She also said that the $15 raise is good for people who are just starting to work, like new immigrants, or those who have families to support.

“Overall, It is nice to know that there is an increase because it will motivate workers, not just here in Calgary, but in Alberta,” Reid says.

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