Bus service won’t be affected by funding cuts this winter, Transit says

Buses at the ready: Calgary Transit routes 87, 58, and 67 arrive at their stop on Marlborough Drive N.E. at the same time on Sept. 19, 2019. The routes have been affected by the new fall service update. Route 67 is now scheduled for arrival at stops every 30 minutes,. Route 87 has new weekend times, and Route 58 has added new stops along its route. (Photo by Dawn Ilg/The Press)

Calgarians saw a reduction to the schedules of 74 bus lines at the start of this fall but the City will remain in its new schedule for this winter.

In May, Calgary council members approved a 10-per-cent tax rollback on property taxes for business owners, resulting in a $60-million budget cut city-wide.

According to a CBC article posted in July, 80,000 service hours for Calgary Transit were to be affected by the cut, resulting in less frequent service for bus routes.

This budget cut also resulted in 115 layoffs, and the transportation department losing 43 positions.

Stephen Taroth, communication officer for Transit, said there is no cause for concern and that the transit lines that were cut were in less populated areas. Service on main routes will be the same as before.

“Response will be standard as we are prepared as usual for winter driving. People can follow our Twitter ensuring our times and if there are any delays,” said Taroth over the phone.

Fall service change posted by Transit in July says 74 bus routes had their schedules changed as well as the train systems.

The public can stay up to date on the status of the transit system by subscribing to service update emails, following CT on Twitter @calgarytransit, or by calling 403-262-1000.

The Farmer’s Almanac predicts the 2019-2020 winter to be fairly cold for all of Canada.

According to The Farmer’s Almanac site, “the southern portions of Alberta, and British Columbia will be spared the worst of the winter snows.”

Alberta might be getting the least for the snow but it is still excepted to have snowstorms into April of 2020.

Winter is coming: Snow route sign on 19th Street N.E. on Sept. 23. 2019. The street has two bus routes daily, routes 19, and 33. When roads get blocked during the winter, snow routes are the first to be plowed, as they are priority areas. (Photo by Dawn Ilg/The Press)