New Cavalry stadium proposal giving local soccer scene a kick

Football frenzy: The Trojans home soccer field located at SAIT in Calgary on Saturday, Sept. 21, 2019. (Photo by Jacob Miller/The Press)

The possibility that a 12,000-seat Cavalry FC stadium could be developed at Spruce Meadows is putting a spring in the step of some in the local soccer scene.

I think this is positive for everything around Calgary that is related to soccer,” says John Talerico, the coach of the women’s soccer team at SAIT.

The proposed stadium could replace ATCO Field, the current home of the Cavalry FC.

Information on the potential stadium was given out when Spruce Meadows announced its area structure plan on Sept. 18, 2019 at a meeting of Foothill Council council. Spruce Meadows is in the county, and was there to present its ideas for future development of the facility.

The new stadium is just a goal, for now. But it shows how well Calvary has done in its first year as the city’s pro-soccer team.

Talerico said a new stadium would be good for Calgary, and would have a positive impact on sport in the city.

“This is nothing but good news,” said Talerico.

Talerico added that the stadium could affect SAIT itself in a good way because it would give the male and female teams a higher standard to shoot for.

Coach Connor Brady of the SAIT Trojans men’s soccer team agreed that a stadium would be a good thing for soccer in the city and at SAIT.

“I think the Cavalry have done a really good job already in creating a good foundation and a good professional foundation for us,” said Brady.

“The more people you can fit in the seats is only going to be better for the city, and the soccer culture within it.

“The fact that the Cavalry have done so well and been able to run such a well-oiled professional machine this early, it helps all schools within Calgary,” said Brady.

This is nothing but good news. –  John Talerico

“Them having so much success this early helps to fast track the soccer culture and what it’s going to do for it,” said Brady.

Brady said he is a fan of the Cavalry and has taken in some of their games at ATCO Field.

“I’ve been to half a dozen games this year. (It’s) always a good time. I think they’ve done a great job of creating a good atmosphere,” said Brady.

Both Brady and Talerico would be happy to have their teams play a game at the new stadium if the opportunity came up.

Talerico said that it would be a good showcase for the men’s Trojans team to play the Cavalry if the opportunity is available, but would like the game to be at SAIT so more of the students could attend.