Calgary critters can count on AARCS when it gets cold

Cute Cat in a Cage: One of the AARCS’s Cat Room Residents poses for a photo.

When the Calgary weather gets cold, it can be tough for local residents to deal with, and that includes citizens of the four-legged variety.

One of the many places that helps animals in times of need is AARCS (Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society), which has numerous shelters across the province including a location in southeast Calgary.

AARCS was founded in 2006 and has helped more than 3,500 animals every year, with a team including around 1,800 volunteers, according to the group’s website.

Deanna Thompson, the executive director of AARCS,  said, “I oversee all the daily operations here.

“We have a shelter as well as a veterinary hospital here. We care for about 500 individual animals at any given time, and we also do about 3,500 adoptions  every year as well.”

When the weather gets cold, the organization tried to help homeless animals, Thompson said.

“We try to make as much room as we possibly can to help these animals, because it isn’t possible for them to survive in these types of temperatures.

“We get calls we get the word out to try and get some help from our foster homes, and our team of volunteers,” Thompson said.

Asked what citizens should do if they see an animal in distress, Thompson said, “if an animal is in distress people need to call the Calgary Humane Society and if the animal is a stray they get transferred to the City of Calgary.

“If it’s after hours any veterinary clinic will take the animal until the proper authorities can come forward to help it,” said Thompson.

“People need to realize that if it’s too cold for them it’s too cold for their pets as well. Please do what you can to help them. Keep your walks short to protect them from frostbite and that sort of thing.”


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