As Alberta businesses reopen, some hair salons are still closed

Closed For Now: COVID-19 has caused hair salons to close across the world. Tapanga Beddome stands in front of the salon she works at in Lethbridge, Alta on June 15. The salon has no set time to re-open. (Photo by KaleyRamage/The Press)

Alberta started its three-stage plan to reopen the economy on May 14, but not all businesses were obligated to open.

Tapanga Beddome is a hairdresser at First Choice Haircutters in Lethbridge, Alta.

She graduated from Bella Elite in December and has worked at the salon for around four to five months.

When COVID-19 hit, the salon was ordered to close from the higher-ups, being that it is a franchise.

All hairdressers are ordered to use masks and gloves and practice physical distancing when they do open up.

“We worked all the way up until we were ordered to close,” said Beddome.

While the Lethbridge location has not yet reopened, some locations in Calgary have.

An official opening date hasn’t been scheduled yet, but Beddome says people have been super eager to get back in the salon chair.

“Just be smart when you come in,” said Beddome. “We work super up close and personal with people.”

Beddome has been doing the hair of her friends and family since the pandemic hit.

Getting a haircut is a huge way to change up your look and boost your confidence. When you look good, you feel good too.

Joyce Barnett is someone who uses salons for something other than a regular trim.

“I have really thick hair,” said Barnett. “So, thinning it out I need to get done very often.”

Barnett can’t recall how many times a hair elastic has snapped from the thickness of her hair.

“With it being summer, I need to get it done,” said Barnett. “Your hair is a huge part of how you look at yourself and your self-confidence.”

Barnett’s salon has now opened, and she keeps trying every day to book an appointment but spaces are booked to the max so far.

Anita Veluw also frequently gets her hair cut and says her salon was open and booked full the first day they were allowed to open.

I am so excited to get my hair cut, it’s so long I can’t handle it. – Anita Veluw

Veluw owns her own cleaning business in Lethbridge and keeps her hair short so it stays out of her face.

“I know it’s not essential but I can’t wait to go to the salon,” said Veluw.

The few salons that are now open have full bookings for months to come, so if you need a haircut, you may need to get mom to do it again like she did when you were a kid.