Stuck at home? Why not try learning something new?

Life during the coronavirius pandemic has become a learning experience for some people.

Throughout the long lockdown, when everyone was stuck at home, many people decided to learn new skills, to help cope with some of the things they couldn’t do.

Going to the nail salon was out of the question, for example. So people wanting to get their nails done started figuring out how to do them at home.

There are a lot of products and kits sold online where people started to gain interest in them. Being stuck at home, people would watch videos of nails. There are a lot of products that are inexpensive that include the basic things you would need to do nails yourself.

“Even some places have raised their prices which also makes it difficult to go in as well,” said Maia Bernas, a university student. Many of her friends do their nails at home now too because of the pandemic.

Having the online shops available makes it convenient, so people don’t have to risk their health going outside. A lot of stores have moved online side and use express shipping so they don’t lose their customers.

Before the pandemic started, Bernas would go to the nail salon every two weeks as a routine.

Since the pandemic, she decided to buy press on nails online and try them as a replacement. She found that it is a lot cheaper to buy press on nails and has found her own method of making them last longer.

Jing Xu, an art student in Lethbridge, also has started to do her own nails at home.

Xu has got nail supplies from Amazon and AliExpress where she finds them cheaper.

Because of the coronavirus she at first spent time only on Netflix but she soon realized that she was not being productive.

Xu has picked doing nails because she finds you do it less often and it is more rewarding for herself.

“For now, it’s just strictly a hobby but I do see myself doing it for a long term.”

She has also found that she is getting better at it.

“I’m really artistic and you’re practically painting on your own hands. You get to have more creative input on what you have on your nails,” said Xu.

 Even some places have raised their prices which also makes it difficult to go in as well. – Maia Bernas

While stuck at home, people have been finding their hobbies they are likely to continue to pursue. It will become a lifestyle for people and might become their new comfort.

Though the pandemic has changed everyone lifestyle, people will continue to change it according to what they like. People will find new ways and new hobbies where a lot of things will be done individually.