COVID-19 and Calgary’s autumn colours featured in latest edition of The Press

Fit to Print: The October 26, 2020 PDF edition of The Press

The October 26, 2020 PDF edition of The Press is now out. The 10-page issue features extensive coverage of COVID-19 and its impact on those living in SAIT residence as well as the wider Calgary community.

You’ll also find a series of pictures revealing the city’s autumn beauty, a look at a pair of rare white buffalo that have made the Siksika Nation their home and coverage of sexual harassment concerns near the Saddletowne C-Train station.

Produced by second-year SAIT journalism students several times each semester, The Press PDF publication showcases all that the students are learning about news and feature writing, photojournalism, copy editing, layout and design.

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The executive editors for The Press include instructors Sara Samson, Janet Matiisen, Danny Miller, Greg Fulmes, Kevin Udahl and Rob Galbraith.