Beauty isn’t the only reason women like to get their nails done

Creative genius: Arielle Dick, a nail techician from Edmonton, on Nov. 4, talking about her job and its impact. Dick has been a nail tech for nearly two years, and enjoys sharing her passion for the art form. (Photo by Celina Mullen/The Press)

Confidence and self-care have become standout reasons for women to get their nails done, according to nail technicians.

Getting your nails done is a form of self-care, which is important for well-being, and it’s a way to express yourself and [it done] makes you feel good,” Sarah Sawatzky, says.

Sawatzky, who has been a nail technician for over two years now, has always been passionate about the art of nails, saying, “I started getting my nails done at 15 and haven’t stopped since, and I’m now 32.”

“I think it creates confidence in the ways you can express yourself.

“Especially if someone bites their nails, it helps to hide that habit,” Sawatzky says.

“I think it’s one of those pampering things, it’s like getting your hair done. You don’t always go because it has to get done, and it’s something you enjoy doing, something where you can take time for yourself,” Arielle Dick says.

“Having my nails done just makes me feel a little more put together, which is nice considering I live in loungewear or athletic clothes due to being at home most of the time,” Jennifer Ryhorchuk says.

According to Ryhorchuk, getting her nails done is also a great way to socialize.

“I love going with my mom or with my friends,” says Ryhorchuk, though when she isn’t feeling like socializing, “I also go just by myself sometimes to have some ‘me time’ which I find can be very therapeutic too, to just escape from work or school for a little while.”

Dick, who has always been an artistic person, loves the creativity that being a nail technician brings her.

“My clients really try my skills. I don’t always go in with the best hopes. But they always turn out super fun and it pushes me in such a creative aspect that I’m always so proud.”

“Coming up with my own designs is difficult sometimes but I take full advantage of my art supplies to create something beautiful, I also do practice nails to achieve a desired look,” Sawatzky says.

Celebrity culture has also played a huge role in influencing nail trends with celebrities like Cardi B getting long and flashy nails.

“The style of nails has changed drastically over the years. When I was learning I went through like all the history of doing nails with the classic French tips, and here we are with super blingy, sparkly nails, and huge nail art paintings on them,” Dick says.

When it comes to knowing the effect their work has, both women say they love their client’s reaction.

“Receiving messages or clients “nailfies” in regards to my work makes me feel good, knowing I made someone else’s day or made them feel good is rewarding,” Sawatzky says.

Both women showcase their work and build their clientele by utilizing Instagram and word of mouth since they both run their businesses from their homes in Calgary and Edmonton.