Bear Clan Patrol providing winter donations for individuals in need

The Bear Clan Patrol hosts volunteer walks throughout Calgary to provide donations for individuals in need as the winter season approaches.

Yvonne Henderson, one of the lead organizers of Bear Clan Patrol, says that the patrol is here to protect the community.

“The main goal with Calgary Bear Clan Patrol is that we meet our clients with zero judgment and we get them to where they need to be for that moment,” said Henderson about the goals Bear Clan Patrol strives to achieve.

“Marginalized communities face so many barriers such as basic necessities,” said Henderson when asked about issues Bear Clan Patrol wants to help the community with.

She continued to list other barriers such as mental health, unemployment and housing.

“We’re out there to say ‘hey, this is where you’re at, we’re gonna support you, when you want to change, we’ll support you,’” said Henderson in regards to what main goals Bear Clan Patrol hopes to achieve while on patrol.

Bear Clan Patrol has helped clients get into treatment and recovery.

Bear Clan Patrol is an organization made up of volunteers who participate in ‘patrols’ throughout Calgary and assist any individual in need of food or clothing.

“When you are giving out food or water, it’s not only that, you’re giving them hope,” said Gitz Deranger, another lead organizer of Bear Clan Patrol.

Bear Clan Patrol hosts volunteer walks every Friday from 3-8 p.m.

“It’s part of the community, so I want to take part in it,” said Tyson Night, a local volunteer at Bear Clan Patrol.

Night questioned his safety when he first volunteered but the Bear Clan Patrol made him ‘feel comfortable’ to continue volunteering.

“It’s really about having a group of people who are willing to protect each other, help out each other, and help the community,” said Night.

In the near future, the Bear Clan Patrol is looking to establish funding and an office with a kitchen to help provide meals for individuals in need.

The Bear Clan Patrol is currently looking for donations of warm winter clothing and blankets.

Rolling out: A local volunteer for Bear Clan Patrol helps prepare a donation bag in Calgary on Nov. 6. Each donation bag contains a lunch meal, gloves, hat and toiletries. Volunteers help hand out donations while patrolling downtown. (Photo by Lysandra Nothing/The Press)