Pandemic hobbies keep people busy during trying times

A Fluffy Friend: A photo of the kind of crafts that Niki Ginter creates at her home business, while staying safe. (Photo by Stephanie Mayan/ The Press)

During a pandemic, keeping ourselves busy is a must.

Kathryn Moore, former service advisor, joins a virtual interview telling what she’s been doing since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

“I wasted two months of COVID doing nothing and I was so bored,” said Moore.

Since the lockdown, Moore has had more time to begin painting and start up wood burning again.

“My older brother used to have a soldering gun and we would fight over who got to use it first. Sadly, it ended up breaking and I haven’t used one since I was seven years old,” said Moore.

Running a business and teaching is something that Moore would be interested in doing, but she is too shy to teach those who’d like to learn.

“My one friend would like me to paint her pictures for her soon-to-be nursery this year,” said Moore.

Other than keeping herself busy with painting and wood burning, Moore and her family had gone camping during the summertime.

“We explored a lot in B.C. and ended up getting a new addition to our family: a dog,” said Moore.

Niki Ginter, a former journeyman parts technician and a future social worker, now runs a business in the comfort of her home.

“I ended up being laid off due to COVID-19 because one of the cell southern Alberta companies had shut down,” said Ginter.

In order to keep herself busy, Ginter needed to decide what she was planning to do next.

“I had to rack my brain as to what I was going to do. If I was going to go back to school full-time or look for another job,” said Ginter.

In July 2020, Ginter decided that she was going to start a business.

Ginter’s business entails homemade crafts such as homemade masks, nurse caps, t-shirts, customized cups and sentimental gifts.

“At first, it was hard to start running the business as I did sell a bunch of crafts at such a young
price because you have to bring people in somehow,” said Ginter.

Ginter has always been creative; the business is a perfect fit for her.

“My mom always gave me art sets from what I could remember, and that got me started on painting and doing crafts,” said Ginter.

One of Ginter’s favourite crafts that she has made were the coffee mugs. They are customized and can be used for gifts.

The sentimental gifts are special, and I love making them because it’s meaningful for whoever they are for. – Niki Ginter

Ginter was having a hard time coming up with a name for her business until she had settled on “Mama Bear Designs.”

“The name Mama Bear comes from my family because that was my nickname whenever we go laser tagging. My husband’s nickname is Papa Bear. It just fits and it’s homey-like,” said Ginter.