Healthcare professionals risk their lives to save others

Hard Worker:Rupinderjeet Kaur participates in a team meeting at Guru Gobind Singh Medical Hospital on Feb. 1. She has worked at this hospital from more than one year as a staff nurse. (Photo by Jaspreet Brar/The Press)

People working in the healthcare sector are doing great work to save human lives and governments are supporting them in many ways.

Healthcare workers are fighting this infection using different safety measures. Rupinderjeet Kaur, who is working at Guru Gobind Singh Medical Hospital, said, “We are using all the safety precautions like gloves, anti-mask and safety kits that are provided to us to keep ourselves safe and also others.”

“But wearing [a] mask all day feels uncomfortable. COVID-19 effects every age groups with serious respiratory problems and that also puts our life at risk, because we have to work with these critical conditions.”

We are maintaining social distance while working, and take proper actions for our safety and [the] safety of others.”

“According to me, [the] government needs to make some special plans for the healthcare workers who died with COVID-19 infection[s] while working,” said Kaur.

They are facing lot of challenges while working. Before the pandemic, medical workers were not at risk as they now are.

We are maintaining social distance while working, and take proper actions for our safety and safety of others. – Rupinderjeet Kaur

Harmeet Kaur, who is a health care provider and has worked as staff nurse in hospital for the last two years, said, “We are getting benefits from the government, working as health professionals we get pay four weeks.”

“We work seven days and after seven days we do a health quarantine, [a] full week off to keep ourselves healthy and strong.”

She also said, “We are using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that includes gloves and other safety measure[] to save human life from this terrible disease.”

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