Say goodbye to ghosting, swiping, catfishing and being stood up

Calgary singles now have an opportunity to meet with fellow Calgarians – in-person – at the ‘Get off the apps and onto the Ave’ event on 17 Avenue.

The 17 Avenue Retail and Entertainment District Business Improvement Area (BIA) is hosting the event, which stretches along the Red Mile and starts with a kickoff party at the Whiskey Rose Saloon, a Nashville inspired honky-tonk bar.

The Calendar of events include singles mixers, speed dating, wine tasting, drag shows, live music, karaoke nights, and much more.

Tulene Steiestol, the executive director of the 17 Avenue Retail and Entertainment District BIA, says this event is for single Calgarians who want to ditch the dating apps and meet people face-to-face.

“I think we’ve been in various forms of lockdowns, and life has changed significantly,” Steiestol said.

“People miss just leaving the house, or having a reason to leave the house, and have been stuck on their technologies.”

This is the first time that the 17 Avenue BIA is putting on the event, and Steiestol says that they have already seen major success.

“For all of the events that are ticketed or that registrations required, they’ve all been sold out.”

The BIA is responsible for more than 700 businesses that fall within its corridor, and having a marketing campaign that runs through slower business months, such as January and February, gives businesses the economic boost they need.

“It’s inspiring people to leave the house, quite frankly, and people are getting introduced to new businesses that they might not have ever explored before, and that’s part of the plan, to let people know that our businesses are open and are conducting themselves safely,” said Steiestol.

“There’s a psychologist that’s doing sessions so people can figure out what their love languages are, so people can relearn how to have those connections that are face-to-face after being online for so long.”

Businesses participating in the event are required to follow all COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines, providing a safe experience for the public.

Ten Degrees Chocolate is an interactive chocolate factory on 17 Avenue, owned and operated by Michelle Scott-Roedel, and they are taking part in the seven-week-long singles campaign.

“This event has provided us additional avenues for letting people know that we’re here, and opens them up to the different kinds of things that we have to offer,” said Scott-Roedel.

The special events happening at Ten Degrees Chocolate include wine and beer pairings every Friday evening, and paint and sip nights, which includes a glass of wine and an interactive painting class instructed by one of the co-owners, Bianca Khan, who is also an artist.

“People will paint what they feel, what they see, and what they’re experiencing,” said Scott-Roedel. “So, it’s very abstract, and it’s not a format where you have a certain date, it is way more forgiving.”

Tickets and reservations to attend these events at Ten Degrees Chocolate can be found on their website.

The ‘Get off the apps and onto the Ave’ campaign will run from Jan. 7, 2022, all the way through until Feb.  28, 2022.

Anybody and everybody (must be 18 plus) is welcome to attend these events, and more information regarding businesses who are involved can be found on

Sweet Tooth: Michelle Scott-Roedel, owner of Ten Degrees Chocolate on 17th Avenue, poses in front of the chocolate roaster in her chocolate factory. Ten Degrees Chocolate is one of many local businesses taking part in the ‘Get off the apps and onto the Ave’ campaign. (Photo courtesy of Michelle Scott-Roedel, owner of Ten Degrees Chocolate)
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