Calgary Transit reduces routes due to COVID-19

Ready to Ride: Jaspreet Kaur stands at the bus stop at Saddletowne station in the afternoon time, on Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2022. Jaspreet returns from her shift and waits for the bus to return home after a long shift. Jaspreet is Punjabi and has been here in Canada for the past three years. (Photo by Amandeep Kaur/The Press)

Calgary Transit is reducing the route frequency in most areas within the city because the operators are sick due to the rapid increase of the COVID-19 and the Omicron variant.

The reduction of transit route frequency will affect people, as those who are dependent on public transit must face difficulties to go to their work and other routines. It will take double the time to reach their destination if transit routes are reduced.

Taranpreet Kaur, a bus operator living in northeast Calgary, provided information on the decision of Calgary Transit to reduce the route frequency. Kaur said the decision has been confirmed but has not been implemented yet, but it will apply soon as this will take only one or two weeks to process.

She said that in the process, Calgary Transit first takes the consent of operators and then takes signatures on the documentation that has proper data and information about this decision, and when the process is done then they will apply the decision of reduction in routes of public transit.

“The reason for taking this kind of decision is the rapid increase in the COVID-19 and Omicron variant cases in the operators,” said Kaur.

Kaur said these days a huge number of operators fell sick because of the virus, [and that] maybe this is the main reason to reduce the routes as the health of operators is more important than work.

Kaur said no doubt it would be difficult for the people who are dependent on the public transport to manage their works due to the lessened routes, but that it will be good for everyone to be safe during these days of COVID-19.

The reason for taking this kind of decision is the rapid increase in the Covid-19 and Omicron variant cases in the operators. – Taranpreet Kaur

Jaspreet Kaur, a rider living in northeast Calgary, shared her views about the decision of reducing routes of buses and Ctrain. She said that she is dependent on public transport as she does not have a vehicle and that she uses public transit to go to work and to complete other purposes.

Jaspreet said that due to lessened route frequency the buses take double the time to reach their destination and it is a waste of time, and that it is also too difficult for a person to stand outside and wait for the bus and at stations for trains in the winter.

Jaspreet said that the transit department should think about the public also, and to think about the difficulties about riders who are completely dependent on transit and have no other option to complete their works.

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