Calgary salon hosts auction for mental health

Smash and grab: Lisa Koppert, Receptionist at HedKandi Salon, shows the newly restocked shelves Jan. 12, 2022.  The store suffered a break in recently. (Photo by Tamra Nelson/The Press)

The owner of Hedkandi Salon – 8 Street S.W location has hired local artist Tiffany Lynn Cuffley to paint their boarded-up door following a recent break-in.

“The surroundings of the break in make me feel like it was done more out of desperation,” said Jereme Bokitch, who was awakened around 4:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2022 to burglars breaking into the salon.

“They made off with a lot of tools and products but it seems to be more of a smash-and-grab opportunity,” said Bokitch.

Bokitch mentions that the burglars stole tools and products with an estimated worth of $2,000 – and that’s not even including the cost of damage to the front door, which puts the total loss to the salon at about $3,500.

Bokitch feels like mental health is a scary thing right now and had a big role to play in the burglary, and that the salon was broken into out of desperation.

“It really feels like 2022 is a year we are really going to thrive and with that we want to transform this bad situation into something more positive,” said Bokitch.

While looking into ways to make their bad situation more positive, he reached out to Cuffley, asking her if she would help by painting the boarded-up front door.

“I don’t typically create murals in the winter but I am excited to show off my work, which is geometrical, and I do have a plant growing out of it that symbolizes something new coming out of an unfortunate situation, such as this one,” said Cuffley.

Cuffley’s artwork on the door will be auctioned off once the glass on the door is replaced, and the money raised will be donated to the Alpha House to be used towards mental health initiatives.

“Just in the past year I have had two friends pass away and I know more and more people that are just not doing well, I’d like to help from this situation if I can,” said Bokitch.

Lisa Koppert, receptionist at Hedkandi Salon – 8 Street location, feels the break in was a huge bummer but she loves how they turned it into something beautiful and supportive for the city.

“Giving back to our community, it’s our favourite thing to do here by interacting with the community and just being a part of the urban Calgary family,” said Koppert.

The mural will be displayed on the door for a couple more weeks as they wait for the glass to be replaced.

Helping hand: Stephanie House, Hair Associate at HedKandi Salon – 8 Street location, can be seen styling a customer’s hair through mural painted entrance of the salon on Thursday, Feb. 10, 2022.(Photo by Tamra Nelson/The Press)
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