Airdrie Housing Market Booms 20 Per Cent in Five Years

Booming in Airdrie: Sharon Pankiw in her home in Airdrie on Sunday, Feb. 20, 2022. Pankiw has lived in Airdrie for the past 30 years, and recently sold her home for over list price due to the high real estate demand. (Photo by Chelsey Becker/The Press)

Calgarians now seem to be moving to Airdrie as they want to stay close to the city but also want to enjoy the mountains and suburbs. The housing market in Airdrie is booming and sales are at their peaks. Statistics Canada suggests that Airdrie consists of the top 25 world’s fastest communities moving from all over Alberta.


This migration evaluation is accessible as Airdrie has experienced a 5 percent rise in population in the last five years. The city of Airdrie is still welcoming and open to thousands of people every year.


Tara Molina, a real estate agent in Royal LePage Benchmark, said, “We actually have a shortage of inventory in the Airdrie market and an influx of buyers, and that’s why we’re seeing properties sell so quickly for higher than list pricing.”


Tara stated that houses are being sold at recording-breaking rates. Amenities such as Chinook Winds Park; a newly established public park in the Chinook Winds area which includes a splash park, beach volleyball courts, baseball diamonds, a state-of-the-art skate park, and basketball courts attract people to buy properties and migrate people into these appealing areas.


She stated that the most demanding area of the city is the southwest corner of the city known as Cooper Crossings.


Tara Molina talks about family types moving to Airdrie, quoted, “So, people that might have an elderly parent or a grandparent living in the same home as one of the younger family members, and therefore the idea of multi-generational living is where I’m seeing a huge spike in demand for housing in Airdrie, ”


Statistics Canada updated that from 2016 to 2019 there was a significant migration of immigrants to Canada that contributed to the rising population in suburban areas.


Statistics Canada also revealed the 2021 census recently stated that Airdrie is one of the fastest-growing municipalities in the country as it has a population of 74,100, which is an increase of 12,519 from 2016.


This migration boom resulted in the past few years encouraging sellers to mark their houses for the highest rates and local residents to sell their houses for bigger ones in other affordable areas.


Sharin Pankiw had resided in Airdrie for the last 32 years but now sold her home recently as she could not say no to the prices that were being offered.

Pankiw said that her house was sold within 72 hours of listing it for sale.

“We hadn’t really planned on putting the house up for sale at that time, but it was a split decision and the fact that it did sell so quickly was a relief.” she quoted.


Airdrie being such a demanding area and experiencing a higher growth rate than other cities, the city is planning to construct new highways and easy ways in the city to avoid ant traffic and make it aeries for people to commute and feel that area is worth living.


Mayor Peter Brown of Airdrie city also announced that construction of a new recreational facility has already started in the city and the next project will be opening a public library by 2025 in the city.


Airdrie will soon be following the steps of Cochrane city, as it is the only other city in Alberta that made Statistics Canada’s top 25 fastest growing cities.


Farewell Hug: Sharon Pankiw hugging her granddaughter in Airdrie on Sunday, Feb. 20, 2022. Pankiw has lived in Airdrie for the past 30 years and hosted her last Sunday night dinner after selling her home for over listing price. (Photo by Chelsey Becker/The Press)
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