Northeast Sikh Temple continues community work despite challenges

Dashmesh Culture Centre: Anmol Preet, a Sikh Temple committee member stands in front of the building of Dashmesh Culture Centre Sikh Temple, at 135 Martindale boulevard northeast, Calgary on Tuesday, May 31, 2022. She is a committee of the committee for the last three years. (Photos by Amandeep Kaur/The Press)
Amandeep Kaur

Dashmesh Culture Centre, also known as the Martindale Sikh Temple, offers services for everyone regardless of age, colour, caste, or religion. Every Calgarian can go and use their services.

Anmol Preet, a member of the Sikh community committee at Dashmesh Culture Centre said the committee provides help to everyone to fulfil their primary needs. Preet said during the pandemic there was a huge drop in donations. On the other hand, there was an increase in the number of people who wanted help because they lost their jobs.

She said the Sikh temple committee helps everyone during the pandemic also.

“Our organization tries to ready for these kinds of happenings in the future. We make the separate funds that we can use in the future if we face any problems. During COVID we also have some funds and some storage of the food which we used during the COVID, in this way we do the help of the people,” said Preet.

Preet said the committee also helps the newcomers who face trouble in finding jobs. The Sikh temple committee has connections with different businesses which are helpful in providing jobs according to the skills of a person.

“When somebody comes new to Canada, they don’t know how to set up for the most life in Canada. And so, at that time, we provide the accommodation where they can live,” said Preet.

Preet stated that many individuals enjoy assisting those in need and are involved with the Sikh temple committee. So, to assist the people, they receive funds from individuals who wish to assist; they transfer funds to a special account that was established to assist those who wish to.

Anmol Preet, a Sikh Temple committee member stands near the clothing bank donation boxes at the Dashmesh Culture Centre Sikh Temple.

Preet said that for improvements to provide more help to everyone, the committee will organize seminars, which helps to spread the information to those who are not aware of the support of the Sikh temple committee. Additionally, some feel hesitant or feel low to reach out for taking help. The committee also posts on social media platforms about the services to make people more aware of them.

Manpreet Kaur, a recent arrival in Canada is working two minimum wage jobs. Kaur said she took help from the Dashmesh Culture Centre when she was new in Canada as an international student.

Kaur said when she was new here and did not have a place to live at that time, someone suggested that she should reach out to the Sikh temple committee and ask for help.

“They help all the students or all the people who need their help for food or for accommodation for shelter or for the other aspects if they need some, like, physically or mentally peace or something else,” said Kaur.

The committee members, according to Kaur, offered her a lot of assistance, including food and lodging when she didn’t have any other way to meet her basic needs as she came here alone for her studies. It was helpful for her to be able to receive accommodation and food.

She said that all these services are not only for the people of the Sikh community. Everyone could get their help without any hesitation.

Kaur said that she loves to go to the Sikh temple which is the most peaceful place where she can relax her mind.

This is a place which formed by our Sikh religion, but the most liked thing about this one is like this is not only for the Sikh community, all people are welcome here. – Manpreet Kaur.

Kaur said food is available 24 hours, and anyone can go there at any time without any restrictions if they do not have a source of food or need help with anything else.

Kaur said the Sikh temple committee also organizes blood donation, which helps to save someone’s life.

“I just really liked all the services that are provided by the Gurudwara committee. And yes, I am just proud to be a Sikh also,” said Kaur.

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