Calgary’s Immigration Services seek to help newcomers

Immigration consultant: Ramanjit Chahal at CS Immigration in northeast Calgary. (Photo by Amandeep Kaur/The Press)

In Canada, there are many different opportunities for international students to get helpful services related to immigration in order to make better decisions to survive in Canada. There are many helpful departments to guide the international students better.

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) has a dedicated department for international students to provide proper guidance related to any kind of immigration consultations.

Annie Nguyen, an international student advisor at the International Centre SAIT, provides information about the services that they are providing to improve a student’s experience to in Canada.

According to Nguyen, advisors begin providing guidance as soon as students enrol in different courses. If a student needs any to reach another department for assistance or information then a student can contact the international department.

“We are available for a student and can help the student to reach out to the specific department with which the student wants to,” said Nguyen.

Nguyen said the International Centre has a transition program.

In this program, the International Centre contacts students two months before the semester starts by emails or through webinars related to helpful topics, to help students plan on how to travel to Canada.

Nguyen said the department helps students settle well in Canada and that a student can get any kind of information which they want to get a better life in a new country.

Nguyen said the International Student Centre has five advisors and a student can book either in-person meetings or online meetings by contacting the International Centre.

“A student who has like any difficulty or challenge about their life, their personal life or mental wellness . . .we can refer them to counsellor, counselling and development or also to other career advancement team[s] or any administrative related inquiry or any other one,” said Nguyen.

International Centre advisor: Annie Nguyen works in the Heritage Hall building in SAIT’s International Centre. (Photo by Amandeep Kaur/The Press)

“There are lots of services around campus and that we really depend on what we think student needs, then we refer them to the relevant department,” said Nguyen.

Nguyen said there is not any specification in the number of students who are taking services from the International Centre. All this depends on the number of students SAIT has in a particular semester. Sometimes it is around 400 to 500 international students, and sometimes it is in the thousands— so all this depends upon the number of students who are taking or pursuing their studies at SAIT.

“One of the key messages an International Centre wants to send out to students [is] that do not worry and do not be scared to ask whatever question,” said Nguyen, “If we can help, we will find out the proper channel to support.”

Ramanjit Chahal, an immigration consultant provides information about CS Immigration services. His immigration service is known as CS Immigration here in Calgary.

Chahal said CS Immigration provides proper guidance, especially to international students and anyone else who wants to take guidance in any kind of queries related to immigration purposes.

Chahal said CS Immigration provides guidance to students if they want to extend their study permit because of any reason for which they are eligible or not. Additionally, CS Immigration also helps in applying for work permits, permanent residency, or also help in seeking Canadian citizenship.

Chahal said every application has its own different process timing. Immigration provides the guidance and the ways which work well, and a person can choose to settle in Canada.

Chahal said that every application has a different processing time and needs to meet different requirements depending on the type. CS Immigration takes the responsibility of an application after meeting the requirements and helps to achieve success for the international students who reach out to their sevices to receive guidance and to suceed in life.

Chahal said CS Immigration can also help in getting better jobs according to the qualifications of a student and as per the requirements of the different immigration applications. For example, to apply for a work permit a student needs a job of a NOC B level, and it is the first requirement to apply for getting a three-year work permit in Canada.

Chahal said CS Immigration openly provides a helping hand to the international students in their starting days in Canada when they do not have any other way to get any information related to immigration, because immigration status plays the most important role for the students to get a better life in a new country. All this is possible if a student has proper knowledge about the requirements to approve their better status in Canada.

Chahal said that CS Immigration does not take any consultation fee from the newcomers as the newcomers lack sources of income.

Taranpreet Kaur is a women who has used CS Immigration services.

Kaur came to Canada in 2016 as an international student and completed her studies at Bow Valley College. Currently, she works in a construction company as a designer.

Kaur said CS Immigration is very helpful for every international student. The guidance that they provide related to studies, work permits, and about a better future is valuable.

Immigration consultant: Ramanjit Chahal at CS Immigration in northeast Calgary works on work permit files for clients. (Photo by Amandeep Kaur/The Press)

Kaur said when she was new in Canada, she had not had proper knowledge about immigration rules. At that time one of Kaur’s relatives suggested that she go to CS Immigration and get some knowledge about immigration rules, due to them not taking any kind of consultation fee from the newcomers.

Kaur said CS Immigration consultant Ramanjit Chahal guides her very well, and also helped her in extending her study permit. She also got her work permit for three years with the help of immigration consultant Chahal. Additionally, with his help, she received permanent resident status in Canada.

We take all the paper responsibilities of the files to receive their success to get approval in a realistic time. – Ramanjit Chahal.

Kaur suggested to every international student to go and take the advantage of CS Immigration’s helping hand.

Canada provides lots of helpful information to international students which helps them to come out from the stressful time of their starting days.

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