An Idaho tragedy has impacted local Calgary residents.

Security: Chris Nikolov stands with his pass that allows him to access certain areas restricted to others. Nikolov had previously been placed in the university areas for more security support. (Photo by Chloe Turner/The Press)

Since the Idaho tragedy, many students have felt unsafe living in off-campus residences and have started to take extra measures with security.

On Nov. 13, 2022, four University of Idaho students were fatally stabbed in their off-campus residence. Many students are worried about how simple it was for the murderer to strike and kill four people.

Although the killings took place in the U.S., the consequences of the tragedy have resonated all around the world. College students, university students and young adults that live alone have expressed their growing fears. Many people, mainly females, have shared Tweets and Tik Toks expressing their growing concern about feeling vulnerable, especially living alone.

Camdon Laughton, a University of Calgary a mathematics student who lives with roommates off campus said, “It can happen to anyone. I’s terrifying. We started putting more locks on the garage and stuff—just scary people out there.”

With the murders occurring at a university, students find the story relatable, although the likelihood of this kind of murder is rare, with a study done in 2019 showing that only 0.6 per cent of deaths in America each year were due to homicide.

Chris Nikolov, a security guard that is stationed all around Calgary, said “I’m seeing a lot more security all over the place, and where I used to see just one guard sitting behind the desk there will now be two or three.”

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Security: Chris Nikolov stands outside a downtown building in his security uniform, Nikolov had previously been placed in the university areas for more security support. Nikolov has been placed in many places in Calgary by his company to provide extra safety in required areas.(Photo by Chloe Turner/The Press)
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