SAIT School of Business out-ranks several competitive programs in Canada

Feeling prideful: SAIT School of Business students Gabriel Arandia (left) and Clive Quesada stand in front of the Stan Grad Centre building on campus, on the way to class in Calgary on Jan. 25, 2023. The business school has recently been ranked the second-best in the country, making them very proud. (Photo by Sophia Lopez/The Press)

Hands-on learning has been helping SAIT students reach success and has also helped the Calgary institution’s School of Business to be named the second best in Canada according to CEOWORLD.

Compared to other institutions like the University of Calgary or Mount Royal University, SAIT is known as a school that prioritizes practical work, with the intention of preparing students better for their real-world jobs.

This ranking is really aligned with what SAIT does best, which is connect students with the industry, get them the skills, technical knowledge and human skills they need to be successful,” says Janet Segato, dean of the School of Business, “They start successful jobs, and they’re successful in their careers.”

Segato believes this ranking will further push SAIT to be an institution considered by students looking into post-secondary education.

Gabriel Arandia, a business student at SAIT, thinks people need to start looking at SAIT as an equal competitor to fellow Calgary institutions.

“I do have a bit of pride to hear that SAIT is number two in Canada for business. It seems like research universities would rank higher,” said Arandia, “[People] are hating when they don’t really know too much.”

The recognition is the result of student success, said Segato.

“That’s something that we’re doing really well and I want everyone in Calgary and Alberta to know about that,” she said.

“[There’s] two really important strategic priorities: One is providing every student in all of our programs meaningful opportunities to connect with industry, along with creating a really welcoming and inclusive classroom experience where students feel safe.”

Clive Quesada, another SAIT business student, mentioned instructors are setting up an Industry Night to help students gain connections, and he believes this will be a huge help for his future career.

“The instructors have a bunch of connections, so some of them are going to come by so they can connect with students, which is really helpful,” he said.

As he neared the end of his degree, Arandia admitted he was skeptical at first about attending SAIT for business, but he soon learned that this was one of the best decisions he could have made. He reflected on his experience in business and how SAIT’s system of learning allowed him and Quesada to form a friendship.

“Throughout the four years [at SAIT], I wouldn’t change a thing, it was just very nice,” said Arandia. “Smaller classes, getting to interact with people a lot easier — that’s how I met Clive, we just saw each other a lot.”

“I think it’s been a great experience, it’s more hands on,” said Quesada. “I feel like it’s better for us in the future because we’re experiencing it in school.”

Hearing the positive feedback from students keeps Segato motivated to keep maintaining the SAIT School of Business as a top institution for business for the years to come.“I love getting to know our students, understanding why they’re at SAIT, and then helping them meet their goals,” she said.

Still motivated: The dean of the SAIT School of Business, Janet Segato, is at work around 9 a.m. in the Senator Burns building on SAIT campus in Calgary on Jan. 25, 2023. The business school has recently been ranked the second-best in the country, she is very proud of the institution and its students. (Photo by Sophia Lopez/The Press)
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