The rise of the first Filipino community at SAIT: The Noy-phi Club

A group of Filipino students at SAIT have turned their dream of building a community into a reality. With the help and support from friends, peers, and SAITSA, they were finally able to establish and introduce the Noy-phi Club.

They have a vision of a better community. A vision of uniting Filipinos together and helping students, with a goal of spreading awareness of their home country’s culture and beliefs to their fellow students.

So how did Noy-phi start?

The club was started by three students: Jeand Ray Dagapioso, Jarah Alave and Maries Vergara. The trio founded the club on Jan. 24. Currently, Dagapioso is the club’s president and Alave is the club’s vice-president and treasurer.

Noy-phi Club’s president, Jeand Ray Dagapioso, is posing for the camera on February 10, 2023. Dagapioso is currently an international student here at SAIT, studying for a Hospitality and Tourism Management Diploma. (Photo by Joanna Mendoza/The Press)

The club started as a dream. A dream that Filipino students at SAIT wished for, but no one was brave enough to start it.

Dagapioso, however had the willpower to make it happen. Dagapioso had previous leadership background in the Philippines, and when he was first presented with this opportunity, he immediately grabbed it.

“I was volunteering at SAIT twice, and someone encouraged me to build this organization,” he said.

Dagapioso was then joined by friends, Alave and Vergara, for the application and planning of the club.

“Jeand Ray asked me to join the club as a treasurer, and I said yes,” Alave said, “I don’t usually say no to a lot of things. Especially if it’s an opportunity. So, I said yes, and I really want to build up the Filipino culture here.”

The Noy-phi Club’s vice-president and treasurer, Jarah Alave, is posing for the camera on February 10, 2023. Alave is currently studying for a Business Administration Diploma. (Photo by Joanna Mendoza/The Press)

Soon after, the Noy-phi Club was born.

What is the Noy-phi Club?

Noy-phi is a play on words from the word Pinoy – a person of Filipino descent.

Noy-Phi Club is not just a community for Filipino students. The club welcomes prospective members of all backgrounds to join and participate in their activities.

The club is meant to create long-lasting friendships with people that share the same passion and love for learning about culture, beliefs, and helping one another.

“The club’s goal is to showcase the culture of the Filipinos and to give support to students here,” Dagapioso said.

The club has currently 60 members from different programs, composed of both international and domestic students. “A lot of people registered during the Club Expo,” said Alave, referring to the first day the Noy-phi Club was introduced to SAIT students.

The number of members is expected to grow as the club is encouraging more students to join in the fun.

Why should you join the club?

There is more to the Noy-phi Club than just a community. Upcoming fun activities and opportunities from the club are currently being brewed by Dagapioso and Alave.

“A social gathering for Filipinos here at SAIT is coming up this March,” said Dagapioso. Students can expect a celebration of culture, which will include a party full of food, and games.

An upcoming outreach program is also in the works. One of the club’s agenda is to help children in cancer facilities.

The Noy-phi Club has also partnered up with The Expert Collective, an organization funded by the Government of Canada so students can access free coaching and scholarship opportunities.

SAIT students are strongly encouraged to join and help the club reach its goal. The Noy-phi Club is not just a place for having fun and connecting with people, but a place for students to learn and grow.

Jeand Ray Dagapioso, left, and Jarah Alave poses for the camera on February 10, 2023 while walking in-front of Heritage Hall. Dagapioso and Alave are the founders of the Noy-phi Club. (Photo by Joanna Mendoza/The Press)
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