Guru India restaurant: ‘a different flavour and colour’

Chef Trivedi Prasad making dough balls for bhature at Guru India Restaurant on 19th March 2023, 3:45 PM. (Photo by Harshpreet Kaur/ The Press).

In Calgary, there are many people from India who are always looking for food that reminds them of home.

There are many Indian, South Indian, and North Indian restaurants in Calgary, inlcuding Guru India restaurant, which is mainly known for its Punjabi-style food and using whole spices instead of powdered ones.

Indian food is known for its curries, mouth-burning spices, and complex flavours which combines spices with herbs. The dishes can be sweet, sour, and hot at the same time. The spices used by chefs in Guru India are imported from Punjab.

Moreover, chefs working in the restaurant are from India and have experience working in Punjab.

“The main ingredient used in Indian dishes is turmeric, which is an Indian spice cultivated in soil which gives the food a different flavour and colour,” said chef Digvijay Rathuri.

The basic spices of Indian food include garam masala, black pepper and cardamom. The cook blends these spices in different ways, resulting in delicious food. “Spices are the heart and soul of Indian cooking,” said chef Manoj Kumar.

India is considered as the ‘Land of Spices’ as Indian spices are famous for their flavour and their texture. “Every time I miss my traditional food, I come to this restaurant which tastes exactly like home,” said Gurpreet Dhillon, one of the restaurant’s customers.

“Punjabi style goat rogan josh with garlic naan is my all-time favourite dish.”

Chef Kuldeep Bisht makes Papdi chaat and garnishes with Dhaniya (cilantro) at Guru India Restaurant on 19th March 2023. Photo by Harshpreet Kaur/The Press).

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